Agata Nechtcheret

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
After working in property management and real estate for seven years in Miami, Agata Nechtcheret applies her range of expertise and knowledge of the Florida housing market to the NYC real estate world. Agata believes wholeheartedly in the power of human connection and strives to connect on a personal level with everyone she meets.

At an early age, Agata immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe with her parents. She grew up in Long Island and moved to Manhattan while completing her degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing at Berkeley College. Agata began her professional career in hospitality, where she honed her interpersonal skills.

Agata is excited to be a part of Team Triplemint as she is passionate about Triplemint's mission, values, culture, and transparency. She is an advocate for the continued study of ancient and world philosophy and existentialism. In her free time, Agata enjoys being outdoors, whether kayaking, biking or camping. She is always trying new things, bistro hopping and discovering local eats, cooking, enjoying improv, and most importantly, smiling double and laughing triple.

Agata's Transaction History

436 42nd Street #2
9430 Ridge Boulevard #3-D
161 Driggs Ave #2-R
1134 1st Avenue #3-R
192 N 9th Street #1
67 South 4th Street #2
514 Atlantic Avenue #3
400 East 71st Street #5-T
325 East 10th Street #F-3B
426 W 47th Street #1-C
26-26 Jackson Avenue #604
701 Saint Marks Ave #3-B
1212 Ocean Avenue #6-B
120 Nassau Street #11-H
219 5th Avenue #5-R
229 West 105th Street #5-F
48 West 138th Street #6-C
318 East 89th Street #4-E
323 72 Street #1
2107 Bedford Avenue #A-8
418 East 78th Street # 3-D