Hassan Culler

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
Hassan Culler has over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, bringing both administrative and listing experience. He holds his license in both New York and California, and has plans to acquire a Florida license as well so that he can cater to his clients across the country. His business is focused mainly in Manhattan and LA County, but he is willing to cater to the preferences of any buyer. Hassan's clients value his loyalty and his willingness to adapt to their specific needs.

Hassan was originally born and raised in Los Angeles, California, and graduated Cal State Northridge with a major in Business Administration and a concentration on Real Estate. He started his career in the hospitality industry, serving in both accounting and managing roles for some of the top hotels in Los Angeles. He also worked in the fashion industry for seven years, dealing with production, sales, accounting, and management operations. These roles contributed to his refined customer service and management skills, and provided him with an attention to detail and a tendency toward efficiency.

Hassan's Transaction History

65 Quincy St, Brooklyn, NY 11238
330 E 38th St, Unit 30M
235 E 22nd St, Unit 7P
254 36th St, Suite C655 (Commercial)
125 Parkside Ave, Unit 5M
230 Ashland Pl, Unit 25C
122 Norfolk St, Unit 2
63 Wall St, Unit 3301
413 E 72nd St, Unit 3-B
333 E 43rd St, Unit 412
65 Woodbine St, Unit 1R
180 Riverside Dr, Unit 4-C
1485 5th Ave, 6C
285 15th St, Unit 1B
920 Fulton St, Unit 3
493 Macon St, Unit 2
804 Jefferson Ave, 3A
132 N 1st St, Unit 8
1045 Union St, 5D
1677 8th Ave, Unit 2R
20-49 Seagirt Blvd, Unit 3-F