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Amir Jawaherian

Estates Agent
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Amir Jawaherian comes from a line of 700 years of Persian jewelers. With a mindset simultaneously entrenched upon the luxury jewelry history of his family and the management know-how that comes from over a decade of planning the full spectrum of luxury developments, from its concrete to infrastructure remodels; Amir is an agent who understands how to get results. He has creatively solved client issues across three continents and multiple industries and relishes in that capacity. Amir is an exemplary rendition of a confluence of cultures. An Iranian heritage that runs through the metropolises of New York, Frankfurt and Dubai, Amir’s taste for luxury was nurtured through a family legacy and a willingness to seize and learn from opportunities. After attending the University of Frankfurt for two years, Amir moved to Dubai to learn the business of concrete in all senses of the word. Eventually forging his own company (Formo Industries) and earning a Master’s degree in business from the American University of Dubai. His signature rests upon most major properties in Dubai from the world-famous…
Languages: English and Farsi