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Arron Craggs

Estates Agent
Arron is a real estate advisor, who prides him self on individual client service. He provides effective and efficient expertise to all those he works with, as evidenced through his record for meeting needs and ostensible work product. He was born in York, England – and came to the U.S on a soccer scholarship where he attended schools in Chicago, California and studied International business in Hamburg, Germany. Arron’s travelling has helped him develop sensitivity to the unique perspective and desires of distinct parties. His experience working across a variety of cultures, where the speeds and methods of performance change from one zip code to the next, renders him especially situated to adapt to clients’ personal preferences. After receiving his B.A. in Business Management Arron spent over three years working in loyalty marketing for Brierley & Partners, where he was responsible for procuring new business. His former profession has benefitted his real estate practice in virtue of his developed ability to successfully fulfil the requirements and preferences of those around him. He knows how to meld ambition with practicality to…