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Brandon Graves

Office of Kevin Stewart
Born in Phoenix to an entrepreneur and healthcare professional, Brandon has always had a passion for fine homes, interior design, and architecture. He says, "I distinctly remember going to the grocery store with my mother as a child and taking all of the free real estate magazines, I would analyze every home and circle the homes that I would dream of one day purchasing." The strong passion for real estate would materialize later in life. As life progressed, Brandon fell in love with the arts and studied as a classical musician and dancer, performing multiple seasons as a principal dancer for the NBA/WNBA. Brandon has worked for over 15 years in the private health insurance industry for Fortune-ranked companies, beginning in customer service and working his way through the ranks to upper management by his early twenties. Tasked daily with coaching, empowering and creating a positive culture for a team of twenty plus members, as well being a subject matter expert for company products, Brandon learned to be quick on his toes and think outside the box to maintain consumer/client…
Languages: English