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Greg Campbell

Managing Director
Greg Campbell, Realtor and Managing Partner of The Agency Ottawa, brings specialized knowledge of the Orleans market and over 15 years of real estate experience to his clients. An expert in guiding buyers and sellers in a big life decision, he loves that each transaction is an adventure, presenting its own unique set of challenges and creative solutions. A lifelong learner at heart, Greg is always looking for opportunities to grow, learn and streamline the real estate process for his clients. Personable, genuine and fun, Greg is a delight to work with. Always remaining authentic, he is a transparent resource that his clients can fully rely on and trust. He navigates the market seamlessly and is constantly researching to keep up with trends and cycles. Negotiation is one of his strengths and passions, and he serves his clients with ease and poise in multiple offer scenarios. Originally from Ottawa, Greg lived in Vancouver for 11 years where he worked in the nightclub industry in many capacities, including promotion, live performances with his musical groups, DJ, producer, and he also owned…