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Huda Alvi

Sales Representative
A natural born fighter, leader and entrepreneur – Huda brings an array of knowledge and real-life experience to The Agency Oakville. Having gone through divorce in her early twenties and becoming a single mother of two she learnt how to quickly stand on her two feet through perseverance. Huda’s success comes from taking big risks and pursuing her life with ultimate faith and hard work. With more than a decade of experience in sales, having founded and run multiple businesses and handled nearly all facets of management and marketing—from PR and social media to human resources. Most recently, Huda worked closely with clients in the financial industry where she learned the intricacies of lending, mortgages, and Canada’s real estate market. As a new agent, Huda aided in the sale of seven homes in the span of just six months. Huda’s deep understanding of credit, mortgages and finance make her an essential resource for clients in all walks of life, particularly investors and first-time buyers. “I love helping people recognize the power of real estate and how they can benefit from…