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Lilian Hairabedian

Estates Agent
A member of The Agency Studio City, Lilian Hairabedian learned the true meaning of dedication, hard work and the value of helping others while working as a registered nurse in oncology. Lilian's compassionate attitude and ability to connect with others have transitioned beautifully to her work as a real estate agent. "As a nurse, you learn how to really listen. Not just to your patient, but to your gut," says Lilian. "That's a skill that I've carried with me into real estate and my good gut instinct is something my clients can count on each and every time." The product of two generations of developers and engineers, Lilian's familiarity with the real estate world runs deep. When she was a child, Lilian's father would take her to his construction sites where he explained the process of developing a structure, starting from simple drawings on paper. Today, Lilian has turned her childhood fascination with building and construction, along with her desire to serve the public, into a successful, passion-filled real estate career—she specializes in new development and has a sharp eye…