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Martha Luna

Real Estate Advisor
Born in Mexico City, she moved with her family at the age of 13 to La Paz BCS, beginning her love for travel and nature. After studying business administration, her career path was constant and enriching. So much so that she met her husband on a tour for an automation project in a real estate development..... It was there where she began his journey in real estate, as Administrative Manager in the company “Promotora La Paz”, starting from zero, she learned the entire process of pre-operation of an office and the birth of a real estate project called “Ventanas a La Paz”. Her enthusiasm and willingness to collaborate as a team helped her to learn from everything and everyone, managing to lead an invitation of an international competition for Real Estate development on 2008, organized by CNBC and The New York Times, winning in the category as the best real estate development in Mexico. That experience led her to reinforce her values of teamwork, the importance of planning and organization in any project or activity, and self-reflective ethics. Then in…
Languages: English and Spanish