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Shirley Moalem

Estates Agent
A seasoned professional in any environment, from hardhat-required development sites to show-ready homes, Shirley Moalem’s decade of expertise spans across the diverse landscape of the real estate world. In addition to serving as a devoted advisor to her clients, Shirley’s affinity for interior design and up-to-date knowledge of current luxury trends make her a unique asset to today’s discerning buyers and sellers. Now, Shirley—a native of the San Fernando Valley—brings her passion for people, love of architecture and in-depth knowledge of luxury real estate to The Agency’s Sherman Oaks office. Her insight and keen eye for detail help ensure a seller’s property is portrayed in the best possible light while helping buyers refine their search for the ideal home or property. Prior to her career in real estate and development, Shirley’s talent for building long-lasting client relationships first blossomed in her initial career as a licensed esthetician. Her refined taste and eye for beauty translated seamlessly into the high-end real estate development realm, where Shirley has been immersed for the last ten years.