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Charlie Heydt

Estates Agent | Office of Deedee Howard
Charlie took a circuitous route to The Agency, as so many agents have. His first step towards real estate occurred while obtaining his degree in psychology at Ohio University when he took a year off to study classical art and architecture at CYA in Athens Greece. The prestigious year-long program provided him the opportunity to travel the classic worlds of the Greeks and Romans, studying their buildings and societies as well as those of present day Eastern and Western Europe. This exposure awakened his curiosity in living environs, architecture and real estate, which would eventually lead him to The Agency. But first Charlie would again leave his comfort zone to explore another culture and its art. For two years he lived and worked as a school teacher in Japan's public school system just outside of Kyoto. While there he developed a reverence for the simplicity in design that the Japanese have mastered in both there ancient and contemporary lives, which in turn surfaces in their home design. Acting brought Charlie back stateside where he realized a newfound respect for American…