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David Pullon

Sales Manager
David Pullon is a move-the-needle sales trainer, leadership coach and talent recognition expert with over 20 years in the real estate and fractional ownership industries. His leadership approach is high in sales aptitude, fun and interaction as he understands effective training lives on through effective execution. As Sales Manager for The Agency’s Scottsdale office, David’s areas of expertise include the short and long-term sales cycle and recruitment, sales and marketing leadership, the sales process, training delivery and execution. David understands that leaders must inspire others and nurture the ambition of each and every team member. He promotes a mutual transfer of knowledge that elevates employees to a higher standard, ensuring they feel connected within the organization—a strategy that increases motivation and boosts overall performance. As a manager, David focuses on "THE FIT.” He doesn't conduct interviews—he has conversations, allowing team members to be themselves, relax and speak authentically about their needs. By listening to their specific input and feedback, he can support them to ensure candidates find their ideal “fit” within the organization. David earned his B.​A.​ in Speech Communications…