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Lars Kleinstein

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
(Licensed as Larry Kleinstein)
Lars Kleinstein's success in real estate is reflected in his over 100 closed deals. He is personable, people-oriented, and easy to get along with. Lars is patient, determined, and hard-working, comfortably working with everyone from college students to CEOs. Most importantly, he knows NYC inside and out.

Formerly in the theatre business, Lars worked professionally dressing actors on Broadway. He previously built a t-shirt company where he created designs and manufactured, selling to chain and department stores where he and his company were featured in The Wall Street Journal and People Magazine. Nowadays, Lars' creativity and determination serve him well as a real estate agent.

You can find Lars showing, selling, and renting apartments all over Manhattan and in Brooklyn and Queens. His foremost interest is his love of the symphony. His favorite composers are Beethoven, Dvorak, Sibelius, Vaughan Williams, and Copland. Lars loves hot yoga, working out, NYC, and can't imagine life without Netflix.

Lars's Transaction History

115 Ave C #21
114 W 16th st #5F
404 E 79th st #22E
240 W 15 #32
238 E 50th st #6A
62 Forsyth st #7
247 W 26th st 3D
237 E 58th st #5F
750 9th ave #2N
201 W 20th st #614
154 Columbus Ave #2-S
152 Columbus #5N
160 E 91st #2F
611 W 171 #23A
243 West End Avenue #811
235 E 81st #4
243 West End Avenue #702