Just like every other New Yorker, and dare I say human, Ms. Liberty has had some bad days. She wasn’t always green and tarnished. Hollywood has used her as a symbol of freedom, patriotism, and democracy for the the most part,  but there are those few and far between films and filmmakers that release their wrath on the Jolly Green She-Giant. These are those films:

1. Cloverfield


Like any other New Yorker on a bad day, in this movie the SoL lost her head. The plot revolves around some unknown monster “redesigning” New York City, and the first thing that got the gut reno was Liberty Island.

2. The Day After Tomorrow

day after tomorrow

This movie is actually terrifying. The poster image still makes me uncomfortable 10 years later. Before Jake Gyllenhaal was officially hot and Emmy Rossum was falling in love with crazy, singing, stage hands, they came together for an end-of-the-world thriller that represents the end of my innocence. Anyways, while she never got officially “destroyed,” Statue did get frozen and flooded leading to some sort of internal damage, I am sure.

3. X-Men


Magneto really made good use of his surroundings in this superhero super-film. If you are unfamiliar, Magneto’s namesake power gives him the power to manipulate metal. Well, what better place…? The epic battle that ensues in Liberty’s head is what likely caused the most damage.

4. Escape from New York

escape from new york

Set in the future year of 1997, the President’s plane crashes in what is now a maximum security prison, New York City. Did Nostradamus foresee the skyrocketing rent prices and send a message through time forewarning of the feeling of entrapment that New Yorkers feel? So, the head of the Statue of Liberty never is actually seen in the movie, but it makes for one hell of a movie poster, ammirite?!

5. Deep Impact

deep impact

Spoiler alert: 60% of everyone dies, including our green lady of the river. A comet comes and wreaks a lil’ havoc of the world. In the end there are survivors, but civilization must be rebuilt. Don’t even fret about it because this is that movie where Morgan Freeman is the president. So, #winning.

6. A.I. Artificial Intelligence


In this Pinnochio remake (not really, but almost), the destruction of our lady happens early on…like the first scene. All is well because Haley Joel Osment was cast before he was not cute anymore.

7. Godzilla: Final Wars



8. Batman Forever


Hands down the best Batman ever. Ok fine, hand up…it was decent. Alright alright, it was pretty awful, but lets focus on the positive; The colors of costumes were vibrant, and I like that. Two Face is responsible for the undertaking of Ms. Liberty in this flick, but the bigger question is why the Statue of Liberty was in Gotham. Is Gotham in Queens?!

9. Judge Dredd

judge dredd

Can you imagine if the police officers of today had instant judiciary powers? Mayhem, I say! In this movie, set in the dystopian future, the Statue of Liberty is in the middle of the city and she looks rough.

10. Independence Day

independence day

The most terrifying event of the 90s left Lady Liberty face down in a river of trash. The trash came from us, but the aliens knocked her over.

11. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace


Not only was she manhandled by super people, but she was used as a weapon against good. Superman was NOT having that. He said, “No! You betta put her down!” And those are the cliff notes of Superman IV. Now there is no need to see it.