Shelly Place of Triplemint Real Estate had an incredible year in New York City sales. Watch her share how she helped buyers find the perfect home for them, and other twists and turns of selling in the unprecedented and unpredictable New York City real estate market of 2021.


Hi, everyone, I’m Shelly Place. I’m a New York City real estate agent with Triplemint.

2021 has been my best year of business so far in real estate, which I am beyond grateful for, and while every single one of my clients has been meaningful to me, I wanted to share a few stories and highlights with you from the past year. Let’s take a look.

East 16th and 3rd Avenue in Gramercy, Manhattan

I love this apartment. My client for this sale was just such a sweet person. She had gone to grad school for medieval studies. She had traveled all over Europe. She lived there. She studied there. And she also had an appreciation for really unique spaces. So I told her when we first started working together that it might be pretty difficult to find a condo with a lot of prewar charm because a lot of condos are new construction. But sometimes the perfect apartment just comes along for the perfect buyer. And bam, we found her this converted church condo. It was built in 1888 and it just really had that wow factor that she was looking for, and she was just so happy when she closed. It was really, really rewarding to see a young person purchase their first place and have it be a place that was just so perfect for them.

Carroll Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn

This is what they call a barrel fronted limestone, and this was a townhouse in Crown Heights on Carroll Street. It was built in 1905 and it needed a ton of renovation. I was really, really happy to be a part of the sale because my clients who bought it are the perfect people to take on a big renovation like this. The husband has a passion for restoring old things in his free time, and he’s an architect, so he understands structure and he understands aesthetics. And his wife is an event planner, so she knows how to make a vision become a reality, and she knows how to manage a team. I just know they are going to make this place so beautiful when they’re done renovating. And in a city like New York, where there’s history on every corner, it feels really nice to know that a special property like this is in the hands of somebody who’s really going to appreciate it and preserve it. That just really felt like a special sale for me because it’s like selling a piece of history.

Hart Street in Bushwick, Brooklyn

Next up, this condo is on Hart Street in Bushwick, and the story behind this sale is that we did this whole entire home search in one single day. My clients were the sweetest family. The apartment was for the son, and he was a jazz musician and a music teacher. He had lived in the city prior to when COVID hit and then moved back home with his family for a little bit and was looking to move back into the city during reopening when live music and in-person school were back up and running and his parents were helping with the search. So all three of them flew into the city on a really, really hot day from out of state. We looked at about 10 properties in a single day, walked twenty thousand steps through Bushwick seeing every single one bed condo that fit into their budget. We stopped at fancy coffee shops and we stopped at taco shops because I feel like there’s a rule that went in Bushwick; you have to stop for either tacos or at a brewery. It’s not a law, but it should be. At the end of the day, we just picked the top properties from the day made offers on them, and we ended up getting a really, really great deal on this place. Then when they closed, it was several months later, but it was really fun because they flew back into the city and it was like a little reunion. We all got together again and went to the closing together and celebrated together, so that was really, really fun.

I wish I could share all of my client stories from this year, but for now, I just want to say thank you to each and every one of my clients for entrusting me with their real estate needs. There is no way I would be where I am today without you. So congratulations to everyone who achieved their real estate goals this year, and here is to an even better 2022!

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