Do you plan on exploring Brooklyn Heights with your family/friends this weekend? With so many choices of diverse foods to pick, the options are endless. However, don’t fret; here are 4 must-try restaurants for you.

Iris Cafe Store 9cafe

Let’s start with modern American food. Iris Cafe Store 9 is a sit-in café where you can enjoy its warm environment and fully stocked bar. The most popular item, and our favorite, is the avocado toast with poached eggs. Serving breakfast and dinner, their dinner menu reigns supreme. We recommend the spaghetti with broccoli rabe and garlic breadcrumbs that will satiate any Italian tongue.


Considered the best Italian restaurant in Brooklyn Heights, Queen provides perfection in every single bite. The Pasta Nero Casalinga is our personal recommendation, which comes with scallops and shrimps. For those dessert enthusiasts, the Queen has so many choices (P.S. the tiramisu and crème brûlée are always our favorites) that make this a must-try restaurant in Brooklyn Heights.

Jack the Horse Tavern

For seafood, Jack the Horse Tavern will guarantee amazing cuisine for the crustacean sensation. Try the pan seared diver scallops, which comes with jasmine rice, or the pan-roasted Chatham cod; these two dishes alone will convince anybody to worship seafood.

Gallito’s Kitchentaco

For a Mexican flare, Gallito’s Kitchen offers delicious tacos with different meat choice, which are all $3. For the main course, we would recommend the carne asada with chipotle-chimichurri marinated skirt steak and the Un Pollo Diferente with semi boneless chicken. For an authentic Mexican eatery, this must-try restaurant in Brooklyn Heights is perfect.