In everything truly delicious, there’s a certain simplicity.  This is especially true of the chocolate chip cookie. Whether it’s melt in your mouth chewy or satisfyingly crunchy, this treat is for all people, of all ages, at absolutely all times. Next time you’re craving this sweet confection, try heading out one of these five divine NYC institutions. All specimens sampled and approved by Team TripleMint.


1. Insomnia Cookies – 10 Locations Throughout Manhattan

Insomnia Cookies have the whole large and ooey-gooey thing going on. Cookies at Insomnia are roughly palm-sized, and are loaded with huge chocolate chunks. Now usually, I’m no a big fan of chocolate chunks (they don’t melt well enough to blend with the cookie) but for these cookies I’ll make an exception. Insomnia cookies are warmed to melty perfection and strike the perfect balance between chocolate and batter. For an added bonus, try their double chocolate chunk, double chocolate mint, or white chocolate macadamia. The best part of Insomnia Cookies?  They deliver! That’s right—warm and incredible cookies right at your doorstep (…in a pretty spiffy pizza box). If you couldn’t guess from their name, these night owls will deliver until 3am.

Image via NYU Local

2. Bouchon Bakery – 10 Columbus Circle & 1 Rockefeller Plaza

Iconic Chef Thomas Keller’s reputation precedes him at this French bakery and café. While Bouchon is more known for its artisanal breads, the Bakery serves up one of the best cookies in all of New York City. In the spirit of true decadence, these buttery cookies are loaded with both chocolate chips and chocolate chunks. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, Bouchon’s chocolate chip cookie is not to be missed.

Image via Hummingbird High

Image via Hummingbird High

3. Roasting Plant – 81 Orchard Street & 75 Greenwich Avenue

The Roasting Plant is a small and unassuming café that also happens to bake an unbelievable chocolate chip cookie. Their secret? Dough from Tom Cat Bakery. The Roasting Plant is the only place in NYC to use this specialty dough for making fresh cookies, in-house. Here, cookies are large, flat, and classic. Just like a homemade cookie, they’re crunchy on outside and delectably chewy in the center. Order this cookie with a hot latte and you’re in business.

Image via Justfoodphotos

Image via Justfoodphotos

4. Maman – 239 Centre Street

This new café churns out more than just sweets. In fact, you could enjoy a full and lovely meal at the ultra-Parisian “Maman.” Regardless, however you choose to experience this eatery, make sure that that experience includes a chocolate chip cookie. The dough in this one is on the thinner side, passing the spotlight over to the chocolate protruding from all sides. Unlike some of its peers, this cookie is delicate and nuanced, a crispy delight. In a recent interview, Chef Armand Arnal disclosed that his creation contains sea salt, French chocolate, macadamia nuts, almonds, and walnuts.

Image via TimeOut New York

Image via TimeOut New York

5. Levain Bakery – 167 W. 74th Street

For this one, let’s start by recapping some credentials.  Buzzfeed called this cookie “a food that makes living in New York worthwhile.” Huffington Post kicked things up a notch when they crowned it “a food you must try before you die.” Bobby Flay threw it down with this cookie… and lost. Boasting a 4.5 rating on yelp (from over 3,000 people), this pastry isn’t messing around. Here, what you see is what you get. And what you see is a heaping mountain of chocolate and dough and butter, (just barely) cooked to golden-brown transcendence. Levain’s signature item is their chocolate chip walnut cookie, but we recommend sampling the equally worthy chocolate chocolate chip, chocolate peanut butter chip, and oatmeal raisin as well. For the strongest among us, eating these cookies solo is something of a given. Weaklings, bring a friend split your cookie in half.

Levain Cookie

Image via National Geographic

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