Your partner in crime is moving in? You adopted a pet? Your home, your rules, right? Not really, if you’re living in a rental.

Certain things that happen in your rental apartment need to be reported to the landlord. Sometimes, people assume it’s better to not report anything, as they may be scared of any negative consequences. However, living in a rental also comes with an abundance of support that you wouldn’t have as an owner. Learn to use this support system. Here are the most important things you should tell your landlord.

Someone Else Moves In

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You fell deeply in love and want your significant other to live with you? You’d like to help out a friend who just lost their job and needs a cheaper place to crash? Before you tell your partner or friend to pack their bags, talk to your landlord about it.

Yes, there is the slight chance that they say no. But consider this, if you have a secret roommate, you’re responsible and legally liable for any damage they might cause.

You Adopt a Pet

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Just like humans, pets who live with you need to be reported as well. Unfortunately, they do have a reputation for damaging apartments, and you may be required to pay a deposit for them.

Nevertheless, you’re still better off speaking to your landlord about it, since getting busted for sneaking pets in could get you evicted.

There Are Water Stains

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Water stains on the ceiling or on the walls can only mean one thing; there is a plumbing issue in the apartment above you and the water is dripping down. Or, even worse, rain has found a way to leak into your apartment.

If something like this is not immediately taken care of, it might blow up into a much bigger issue. Alert your landlord and show them the damage. Since you’re not at fault, you won’t be confronted with any cost. However, if you fail to inform your landlord and the issue does worsen, you might have to pitch in on the reparations.

You Lose Your KeysKeys


Especially if you have roommates, losing your keys might not feel like a big issue to you. You can just go ahead and make a copy of their keys. But beware, if someone ends up gaining access to your apartment with your lost keys, you will be responsible.

That said, your landlord will not be happy about you losing your keys, and may require you to get the locks changed, and pay for it. If you mutually agree that there’s no way that someone who finds the keys will also find the apartment they open (and you’ll still be able to sleep), just get a new set of keys made.

You Have Bed Bugs

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Every New Yorker’s worst nightmare.

If you realize that you’ve got bed bugs, you need to move fast. Your landlord can help you exterminate them, and here’s the good news, they might even pay for the procedure. Unless they can prove that you brought them in yourself, they will be financially responsible for the extermination. So don’t hesitate to let them know and get rid of those little suckers!

Final Verdict



Living in a rental comes with the comfort of having a support system in place, so ask them for help when needed. Even if you end up having to pay for a small repair or lost keys, you’re still better off than having to deal with the consequences yourself.

Even better, reporting issues and keeping your landlord in the know about everything that’s happening in your apartment will ensure you’re seen as a reliable renter. This can help you down the track when you renew your lease or sign a new lease and need references.