Preparing your home for sale takes hard work, organization, and determination. After all, not only can it entail cleaning up 20 years of accumulation, it also means taking the “home” out of the house. A home shows best when it’s free of clutter, furnished in a modern fashion, and depersonalized. By following the below guidelines, prospective buyers can easily envision themselves living in the home, which brings you one step closer to sealing the deal. Below we share 7 agent-backed tips for getting your home sale ready. 

1. Declutter 

Decluttering is the number one thing you can do to prepare your home for sale. Clutter distracts buyers from taking in a home’s details. For example, instead of appreciating the intricate wood paneling, buyers are noticing the shoes piled nearby and instead of appreciating the spaciousness of the living room, they are focused on the trinkets covering the tables.  

Decluttering is not the same as cleaning; it’s the physical removal of items from a room. Whether you’re packing those items into moving boxes, selling them, or donating, the key is to be vigilant about what remains in sight inside the home. Books, clothing, and unnecessary decor – like candles, coasters, tchotchkes, and even too many plants – can all make a room feel unkempt and smaller. Let the bones of the home shine through by minimizing distractions and removing the clutter, thus allowing the buyer to envision how the room would look with their own belongings. 

2. Depersonalize 

There’s a fine line to be drawn between making a home feel warm and comfortable and making it feel like you’re intruding on a family’s private space. As a buyer, envisioning your life inside the home is a crucial part of the experience. While some memorabilia is okay, keeping the hallways filled with family photographs is not the best way to make a sale. The more personal a home is, the less attractive it is to a potential buyer. 

3. Consider Staging 

Staging gives your home an aspirational look and feel that makes it appear “move-in ready.” A lot of buyers lack the vision for how a room may come together when it is devoid of furniture or decorated in distracting ways. Staging is a great way for buyers to understand the true potential of a space and its context. If you choose to use a professional to stage your home, they will employ specific techniques – such as furniture grouping and color cohesion – that will help rooms feel larger, brighter, and more desirable. Stagers will also bring in furniture that is simple, elegant, and modern, which will allow your home to fetch its best possible price. After all, staged homes not only sell faster than non-staged homes, they sell at a premium. Before staging

After staging  

4. Make Necessary Home Repairs 

Painting the walls, repairing broken or old appliances, and replacing light bulbs are all repairs you should be making now in order to sell your home at top dollar. A fresh coat of paint on the walls (opt for neutral colors like white or off-white) enhances the brightness and cleanliness of a room, while a fun pop of color on a front door can maximize a home’s curb appeal. Getting your carpets professionally cleaned and your floors waxed can help a room show its best and eliminate any lingering odors. Finally, make sure all lightbulbs are working so that the house is well lit and inviting. 

5. Improve curb appeal 

For those who live in houses, improving curb appeal is key. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of your home when viewed from the sidewalk. When it comes to selling your home, first impressions really do matter, and curb appeal should always be considered. Depending on the season, the tasks to maximize curb appeal will differ but generally, your lawn and garden should be manicured and planted with fresh flowers, the driveway should be power washed, front doors freshly painted, the mailbox freshly painted, and entryways swept clean and vacuumed. Naturally, the season that you sell in will have an impact on your home’s curb appeal. To maximize the season that’s best for your home, read more about the best time of year to sell your home.  

6. Get Your Home Professionally Cleaned 

Hiring a professional cleaning service for a one-time deep clean is a necessary final step to getting your home ready for sale. A deep clean will leave surfaces sparkling and rooms smelling fresh – something that buyers will appreciate immediately. Plus, once your home is listed, you have to be ready 24/7 for a showing, which means living in a perpetual state of cleanliness. Getting a professional deep clean before listing day (and before photos are taken) will give your household the tools to get started on the right foot. 

7. Add a Little Spice

Put yourself in the buyer’s seat and consider the sensory experience of touring a home. You’re not just looking at the home, but listening, smelling, and feeling it too. Smell matters and anything offensive (like your cat’s litter box) could turn off a buyer from wanting to spend more time in the room. Open the windows to air the home out, light a candle, or bake cookies before showings. A pleasant or neutral smell can greatly enhance the home touring experience. Consider small touches like buying a new welcome mat or displaying fresh flowers in the living or dining room. If there are street sounds, close windows or doors to minimize the volume. Lastly, ensure all lights are turned on – even if it’s a sunny day – so that each room presents at its best and brightest. 

It’s important to be as thorough as possible in the days leading up to listing your home for sale so that you can sell your home for top dollar. If you are considering selling your home, get in touch with us today by emailing to help.