Not sure what to get for lunch but only got a short amount of time before you’ve got to head back to the office? Instead of getting pizza, bland salads, or a classic NYC hot dog, discover some of the city’s most well-known food trucks with our handy guide.

Taco Flavored Kisses


Tacos are a go-to staple for most New Yorkers, and food trucks are no exception.

First on our food truck radar is the one painted to look like a tiger, Korilla BBQ. Inside those terrific tortillas, you’re served Korean-style meats (short ribs, spicy chicken, or beef). To keep track of where the truck is going to be, follow their official twitter, @KorillaBBQ, for constant updates.

Considered the King of Astoria, El Rey Del Toro should be your next taco stop. From steak to pork and spicy chorizo, this truck will satisfy any type of craving you’re having. Even if you want a Philly cheesesteak gyro, they have that.

Our last taco truck is the 2016 Vendy Award Winner, Tacos El Rancho. This truck is found in Brooklyn and gives you that authentic-style beef taco.

Surfin’ and Turfin’


If you’re in the mood for a little bit of seafood, text or call 917-881-7866 to find out where the Luke Lobster’s nautimobile is. The only tough decision you’ll have is deciding whether you want an original Luke’s Lobster Roll or Crab Grilled Cheese, and what beer to wash it down with.

If you’re craving a juicy cheeseburger, travel across the Brooklyn Bridge and visit the number one rated burger truck, Hard Times Sundaes. If I can’t convince you to get one of their burgers, just look at their Instagram.

The Frites ‘N’ Meats truck gives you the ability to make a burger that perfectly suits your personality. Visit their official website to see where they are throughout the week.

As Fast As Lightning


If you’re looking for a very quick meal, then why not grab some empanadas. Coming back in April, you’ll be able to find the Nuchas truck, which offers up some savory bites. Your empanada options consist of chipotle chicken, short rib, and spicy cheese, along with several others that will bring a little spice to your life.

With 15 homemade empanada options, The Empanada Sonata will also make you very happy. This truck offers you a lot more than the normal shrimp, steak, or beef empanada. Amazingly, they offer you a mac and cheese empanada with the option of adding bacon inside of it! You can also choose from 15 dipping sauces to pair with the empanadas.

I Scream For Ice Cream


The best way to end your lunch is with something sweet. With the Coolhaus Ice Cream trucks, we’re not just talking about a scoop or your favorite ice cream on a boring waffle cone. We’re talking about a scoop of “froot loop” cereal milk ice cream or strawberry mojito sorbet in between confetti whoopie cookies or a deep-dish cookie.

With the amount of ice cream flavors on their menu, you may spend your entire lunch break deciding what you want. Follow their official twitter, @Coolhaus, or check their website to see when and where their trucks will be this spring and summer.