We sat down with expert Triplemint agent and Inwood resident Kemba Buchanan to discuss how she makes her own sanctuary, and her dedication to helping others find theirs.

Why did you become an agent?

I became an agent because I’ve always wanted to be of service to people. I believe everyone was put on this earth to help people in their own way. I also believe I’m here to make people happy.

When I was a little girl and my mom was going to school, working, and taking care of the six of us on her own, she would put me in charge of the household. I would make sure the house was always in tip- top shape from beds being made to carpets being vacuumed and dishes being cleaned. I made it my duty to keep our sanctuary a place of love and happiness. I don’t think you could find that same peace anywhere besides home, so I said to myself, go out there and share this with the world. Help people find and create their sanctuaries.   

What has been your best moment as a real estate agent?

Every day I meet people. Living in NYC, the most incredible and diverse city in the world, you get the opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring, creative, and driven people. Every day I have a moment that’s so unique; not better, not worse, just different.


What does a typical day as an agent entail?

All agents have their own way of creating a successful day. I believe in the whole ‘early bird gets the worm’ mentality. I’m up at 5-5:30AM and I do some sort of physical activity whether it be yoga in my living room or a run in my parks (either Fort Tryon or Inwood Hill). I also follow up on emails, take a shot of ginger (I make it from scratch), and either head to the office or head out on the streets to meet clients and take them on a tour.

What’s the most difficult part of being an agent?

For me, the most difficult part of being an agent is managing my time and creating a work-life balance. As a workaholic, I’ve always found it difficult finding the sweet spot; not working myself to the bone and burning myself out, while still enjoying my friendships, hobbies, and my family time. This is an ongoing skill I’ve been working on and I’m continuing to improve.

What tips would you give to aspiring agents who are just starting out?

I would say surround yourself with people who inspire you, share the same morality as you, and emulate the things they do. Try it out for a little while, what works for them may or may not work for your business, but it will at least give you the insights you need to step out of your ways. That’s how you grow as a person, which will in turn grow your business.


Do you have any tips for first-time home buyers looking to buy in the NY market?

Make sure you have your team. You want everyone working for you and your interests from your attorney to your mortgage broker and agent to all be on the same page and have a chemistry together, this will make for a smooth closing.

What is your favorite NY neighborhood, and why?

I love the West Village. It’s one of those neighborhoods that is just so charming; beautiful tree-lined, quaint streets, filled with fashionistas and so many hot spots. The vibe reminds me of some European cities like areas of London (Nottinghill) or Amsterdam (minus the water and bridges).

What does the future hold for you?

Wow, that’s a broad question! I wish to one day own a brownstone in Harlem or Brooklyn where I live on the first floor, have the third floor for my mom, and rent the second floor out.

If you want Kemba to find you your next NYC sanctuary, check out her agent profile and get in touch.

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