Temporary walls are a classic part of NYC living.  Most young people living in New York squeeze an extra roommate into their apartment to save on rent.  From a 1 bedroom to a 2, a 2 bedroom to a 3, or if you’re particularly social, maybe a 3 bedroom to a 4, temporary walls are the key to affordable living for many New Yorkers.

As popular as temporary walls are, however, the trend is on the decline.  New building code regulations from New York’s Building Department are cracking down on temporary walls that can impede fire exits and cause hazards.  Make sure to check with your potential new management company on their rules on temporary walls before you rent.
Some renters are looking to other options to either get around regulations or save money (temporary walls cost about $1000 including take-down).  Many New Yorks are getting creative with tall book shelves, curtains or even folding walls or patricians.  Depending on your budget, desired level of privacy and the rules of your management company, make sure you make a plan for creating an extra bedroom in your new apartment.  Like most of our advice, the key is to prepare early and ask the right questions before you sign your lease.  Talk to your roommates, talk to your broker, and know what’s allowed before you move in!