Spring is often the most anticipated season for New Yorkers; you can finally enjoy the nice weather, hang out with friends and family, or try a new dessert spot. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite sweet spots below. Check them out when you get the chance, your sweet tooth will thank you!

Taiyaki NYC

PC: Taiyaki NYC

Have you ever seen one of those cute, fish-shaped ice cream cones? Taiyaki NYC will satisfy your curiosity if you haven’t. Here, you can create your own Taiyaki. One of the popular combinations is matcha and black sesame ice cream swirl with red bean fillings (you can opt for custard filling if that’s preferred). Finish your cone off with a drizzle of your choice, I always go with chocolate. Lastly, add two toppings to your creation on the house. Additional toppings can be added for 50 cents a pop.

Cookie DŌ


If you are a cookie lover, you can’t miss Cookie . serves delicious, ready-to-eat cookie dough scoops in cups or cones, ice-cream sandwiches and sundaes, and cookie dough milkshakes. My personal favorite would have to be the “cookie bombs.” These decadent creations are cupcakes topped with cookie dough buttercream frosting. If you try this place, you will surely be wowed, but prepare for a long line!

Soft Swerve

PC: Elsie W.

Have you ever tried purple ice cream? Soft Swerve sells Ube Purple Yam ice cream. Try it with a dark chocolate cone or any of their adorable toppings. Swerve also has their own line of unique, Swerve-only special flavors like Broadway, Strawberry Fields, or College Point. If you’re lost on the names, worry not, Swerve has a product description beneath each of these Swerve specials so you know what you’re getting yourself into.


PC: Christina

Waffles and ice cream is always going to be a winning combo, and that’s certainly the case for Wowfulls, which brings Hong Kong’s traditional street snacks to the Lower East Side. At Wowfulls, you can pair Hong Kong egg waffles (also known as Gai Dàn Jai in Cantonese) with a variety of ice cream flavors and dozens of toppings like fruits, mochi, chocolate chips, and many more.

Mr. Bean’s Sweet Stop

PC: Leif Franco-Soto

For those of you who are more open to experimenting, there’s always Dou Hua. This tofu pudding dessert is the feature product at Mr. Bean’s Sweet Stop. You can create your own Dou Hua bowl with two free toppings, plus an additional 50 cents for each extra topping. Some popular topping options include boba, taro balls, rainbow jelly, plus many more.