Considered a top choice for anybody looking for a beautiful home within the hustle and bustle of New York City, Boerum Hill is the perfect marriage of a laid back atmosphere with plenty of great shopping options.

Bordered east to west from 4th avenue to Court street and north to south from Schermerhorn Street to Degraw Street, Boerum Hill may seem small but it is still impactful in terms of cuisine and shops.


With Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center right at the corner of Boerum Hill, this provides easy access to all parts of New York via the subway. The main lines are the (2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, D, F, G, N, R, & Q) trains. However, Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center will be the main stop for most lines, which will also put you straight in Boerum Hill. To get to the western border of the neighborhood, get off at Bergen Street via the (F & G) trains.

For above ground transportation, the (B63 & B65) will provide horizontal travel while the (B57) will provide vertical transportation. However, despite the plethora of transportation options, it’s very easy to just walk the full length of this neighborhood. Take out the Nike shoes and walk around Boerum Hill.


With tree lined streets, stress-free shopping, and so many dogs, Boerum Hill has a very calm and relaxed vibe that makes this residential area perfect for anybody wanting to just not stress. With nearly everyone walking their adorable dogs around the streets, you’ll find residents lounging on the stoops of their homes, eating some amazing croissants at the local bakery, or making googly eyes to one of many babies in the neighborhood. Come to Boerum Hill to get ran over by the many bicyclists but don’t expect many parties or clubs since adorable dogs will take up your time.

Restaurant & BarsRestaurant & Bars

Foooood. The only reason people will go to a neighborhood. Boerum Hill has some great varieties. Pizza is well covered by Sottocasa Pizzeria. Our personal favorite is the Laura; a fantastic combination of tomatoes and mascarpone, you’ll order one but quickly order 3 more. Middle Eastern cuisine is serviced by Bedouin Tent, which provides amazing pita bread and leg of lambs for a moderate cost. Iconic, elegant, and expensive, Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare is all of these plus so much more. If you can wait the long wait time, come and apologize to your bank account later.

Not known for its bar scene, there are still several many water holes. Bijan’s serves some all around great American classics but their cocktails are legendary. Get a Bijan Mary and just never want another Bloody Mary again. 4th Avenue Pub offers a fantastic array of beer and anything else that can get you walking funny.


Boerum Hill is definitely not affordable. While cheaper than its Manhattan counterpart, Boerum Hill’s median rental price is $3,500 while Manhattan’s is $4,950. However, you’re not paying for just your home but also the neighborhood; Boerum Hill houses many features that is perfect for anybody to everybody.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

With a mixture of serenity and old world Brooklyn, Boerum Hill is the ideal neighborhood for those looking to relax and walk through the tree lined streets. Featuring plenty of adorable dogs and amazing cuisines, come to Boerum Hill for the easy commute and never leave after trying out Chef’s Table.