What’s happening?

Over the past few weeks, our world has been overturned by an unexpected global pandemic that has roiled daily life as we know it. COVID-19, or coronavirus, causes mild cold or flu-like symptoms in most cases, however for some can result in serious illness, particularly in older adults and people with pre-existing conditions.

New York City has not been spared, and citizens have been subject to increasingly dramatic guidelines and restrictions on their daily lives as confirmed cases are identified. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been responding to developments by implementing a state action plan which focuses on reducing the rate of coronavirus’s spread so the healthcare system can manage the influx of patients.

In doing so, earlier this week Cuomo implemented voluntary work from home policies and mandatory school closings and closing of bars, restaurants, and gyms; effectively cutting New York’s in-office workforce by 50%. In a recent press conference, Cuomo announced an executive order mandating that all non-essential workers stay at home, dramatically expanding work-from-home restrictions as confirmed cases of coronavirus continue to rise in a city of 8 million people. New restrictions would apply to 75% of the workforce.

Cuomo stressed that this was a data-driven decision based on the increase in confirmed cases in the city – an increase he directly attributed to a wider availability of testing for the virus. As of Friday morning, there were more than 7,000 confirmed cases statewide – and with an increase in testing, the number of cases is expected to continue rising.

While these are unprecedented events, we are a city of resilient people, and we will prevail through rough times as we have in the past and will in the future. The co-founders of Triplemint, David Walker and Phil Lang, started our company with the intention of providing a better real estate experience for anyone looking to buy, sell, or rent an apartment. Triplemint agents and staff remain absolutely committed to our mission to serve our clients throughout this crisis, and always.

What does this mean for you?

“As many in our community have become affected by the recent pandemic, we must all do what’s necessary to keep ourselves and our NYC neighbors safe. Triplemint fully supports the Governor’s mandate to close all non-essential businesses because the health and safety of every New Yorker is paramount. It is our hope that this short-term sacrifice will result in a faster resolution to this crisis. Many of you who are working with our agents have asked questions about what this means for your home search or sale. As a technology powered brokerage, we are fortunate to be able to utilize the digital space to facilitate online contract signing, video home tours, and other initiatives in order to continue operations while keeping all parties involved safe. While this is not quite business as usual, we assure you we will do whatever we can to ensure success while adhering to the new mandate. Creativity is key and we’re proud to work with such creative and committed agents and staff,” David Walker said.

Keeping in mind the vital importance of staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times, there is still an immediate need for many New Yorkers to find a home. Life continues on despite the crisis, and our expert team of agents is prepared to support you every step of the way.

“New Yorkers are still moving. In a survey conducted over the last week, 80% of renters indicated that they still intend to move in Q2. While some plans may be delayed, these renters’ needs are real and urgent,” said Streeteasy in a recent email sent to agents regarding the company’s initiative to cut daily costs of posting rental listings on their platform from $6 to $3 per day.

How can we help?

While some may have the flexibility to put their search on hold until unsafe conditions abate, many people still want and need to move within the next few months. Our agents are dedicated to providing you with the information, support, and guidance you need. Whether you are moving or not, we are here to answer your questions and provide you with the relevant market wisdom to make smart real estate decisions.

Our agents are continuing to work with clients by way of video conferencing, virtual tours, or even simply friendly phone calls to give you updates on recent developments. However we can help, we are here for you as a trusted resource.

Please contact us at 212-235-1123 with any questions you may have about buying, renting, or selling. We look forward to hearing from you.