With unique architecture filling up the beautiful tree-lined streets and ideal views at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights captivates the inner nature freak in all of us.

Bordered from north to south with the Brooklyn Bridge Promenade to Atlantic Avenue, and east to west with Cadman Plaza West to the East River, one of the most iconic features about Brooklyn Heights has to be the beautiful parks.


With a ton of options for transportation, Brooklyn Heights has several subway trains to get away from Manhattan. There are many express lines into Manhattan, including the (2, 3, 4, 5, A) trains which will ensure you’ll have less than a 30-minute commute to get to Times Square. However, for more flexibility the (C & R) trains will provide easy access to and from Brooklyn Heights.

One of the closest neighborhoods to Manhattan, Brooklyn Heights also includes several bus lines that will lead you, well, deeper into Brooklyn. The (B25, B26, & B103) lines all start within Brooklyn Heights and will bring you deeper into Brooklyn…yay!

For those extreme enthusiasts, why not just taking a dip into the East River to get to Manhattan. It’ll provide a daily workout and you’ll be sure to have a lonesome commute. (Disclaimer: Please don’t do this).


Known for its riverside views of Manhattan and beautiful tree-lined streets, Brooklyn Heights is extremely desirable for those wishing to escape from Manhattan’s taxi horns and embrace the green (not money, trees). You’ll see long standing neighbors reminisce about how Brooklyn was pre-2000 and younger residents stroll through Brooklyn Bridge Park. Anticipate a peaceful atmosphere filled with unique yet iconic boutique shops and restaurants. Bring 3-year-old Timmy or 35-year-old Sarah to this beautiful neighborhood and find endless tasks to do while here.

Restaurants & BarsRestaurant & Bars

We all know why you’re reading this (other than the witty humor): the food, and Brooklyn Heights has some delectable treats. With one of the most iconic restaurant names ever, Noodle Pudding provides amazing Italian cuisines for a somewhat (but not really) affordable cost. Order their “Risotto Of The Day” and be happy for yourself for once. Bornholm is a unique Scandinavian location that provides some amazing Nordic treats. We were told the Stegt Torsk is (not only fun to pronounce) an amazing seafood dish which includes fried cod and shrimp.

Need to clear your head with some refreshingly addicting drinks? Our first recommendation has to be The Binc with its trendy atmosphere and iconic cocktails, this bar is not one to miss. Reviewed by the New York Magazine, Floyd NY is the place to lounge around and drink some moderately affordable alcohol. Come here with friends and let your wallet thank you tomorrow!


To put it simply, Brooklyn Heights may be in Brooklyn (and it may have Brooklyn in its name) but it certainly does not share Brooklyn’s market prices. Coming in at $6,875 per month, Brooklyn Heights is even more expensive than most neighborhoods in Manhattan. However, it’ll get you amazing riverside views and the perfect atmosphere to live an amazing peaceful life within New York.

Final Verdict
Final Verdict

Despite the price, Brooklyn Heights is the ideal neighborhood for anybody looking for a quick commute to Manhattan while also wanting a calmer setting. The unique residents, the iconic shops, and the amazing grub will make Brooklyn Heights perfect for many, but not all. Come to Brooklyn Heights for its riverside views but stay forever for the casual vibe.