Filled with beautiful brownstones and authentic Italian restaurants, Carroll Gardens is a top choice for those looking for a peaceful getaway from Manhattan.



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Carroll Gardens was established in the 19th century by Irish immigrants, followed by Norwegian immigrants in the middle of the century. The South Brooklyn area’s development was aided in 1846 with the Hamilton Avenue Ferry. The ferry greatly improved transportation in the area, and the horse car services and eventual trolley line that connected the ferry ran through Carroll Gardens, making the commute to Manhattan much easier.

By the late 19th century and continuing through the 1950s, Italian immigrants began migrating to the neighborhood. Due to this, much of the Irish population began to leave Carroll Gardens in the 1920s. By the 1960s, newly graduated professionals moved into Carroll Gardens because it was close to Manhattan and a quieter place to live.



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Carroll Gardens offers a quick and easy commute into Manhattan. The Carroll Street Subway Station offers the F train, averaging a 20 minute trip to midtown, and the G train. The Smith-Ninth Street station also services the F and G trains, and the B61 bus is available from 9th Street while the B57 runs on Court and Smith Streets.


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Carroll Gardens has a similar architecture style to many other quaint, brownstone-lined Brooklyn neighborhoods, but with a nod to its Italian heritage. Residents enjoy spending a weekend eating at local outdoor restaurants or bouncing from boutique to boutique. In Carroll Gardens, many opt to either walk or bike to their destinations rather than drive, simply to take in the scenery and take full advantage of the quiet neighborhood.



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Diners in Carroll Gardens should definitely take advantage of the authentic Italian cuisine all over the area. One favorite among locals is Gersi, a local Italian spot at 316 Court Street. Gersi offers a condensed menu with several savory options, ranging from a Black Linguini with Calamari to the classic Chicken Parmigiano.

If Italian isn’t your thing, Carroll Gardens offers other dining options too. One choice is La Slowteria, an authentic Mexican restaurant on Court Street. They supply a variety of classic dishes, including a refreshing seafood ceviche and multiple taco suggestions.


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Carroll Gardens is one of the pricier neighborhoods in Brooklyn, with 1-bedroom apartments averaging around $2,500 and 2-bedrooms averaging around $3,500 per month. While the cost is significant, many people prefer paying the higher price to live in this quiet and charming Brooklyn area.

Final Verdict


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Carroll Gardens is a perfect option for those who don’t want to settle in Manhattan and live in the middle of all the craziness, but also want some sense of activity.

Carroll Gardens is the best of both worlds, with bars that are lit up on weekends and gorgeous brownstones that create the perfect setting for a peaceful afternoon walk.