Fun fact, Chelsea is named after the home of a British landowner, Saint Thomas More, located in NYC. The home, called The Chelsea, was in turn named after Chelsea, London, where More previously resided. Fast forward two centuries from its inception, Chelsea has become one of New York’s hottest neighborhoods due to its beautiful parks and public spaces.

Defined as the area between Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) and the Hudson River, north of 14th Street and south of 34th Street, Chelsea is one of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods that houses fantastic attractions such as The High Line and Hudson River Park.

Accessibilityheader: Chelsea is easily reached by subway. The (N, Q, R) trains run diagonally across the northeast corner of Chelsea while the (B, D, F, M, 1, 2, 3, A, C, E) trains run vertically through Chelsea below 7th and 8th Avenues. The (L) train runs horizontally along the bottom edge of the neighborhood. For those who wish to stay above ground, the (M14D and M14A) buses provide horizontal transportation while the (M20 and M12) buses provide vertical transport throughout Chelsea.

Lifestyle: Chelsea has undergone dramatic gentrification over the past fifteen years. The city has put an enormous amount of money into public projects like The High Line Park while developers have put up trendy facilities like Chelsea Market. As a result, Chelsea is inhabited primarily by upper-middle to wealthy middle-aged people somewhere on the spectrum between hipster and Starbucks-clutching yuppie. Despite this, Chelsea is known to be remarkably down-to-earth and calming.

Restaurants and Shops: The far west side bar scene is much smaller than it used to be fifteen years ago when the bar district stretched from 10th all the way into the 30s on 9th Avenue. However, fantastic Chelsea dining spots include Num Pang’s Cambodian cuisine and Lucy’s Whey where you can find some of the best cheeses in the country. In terms of shopping, Anthom and Buffalo Exchange provide unique and trendy fashion choices that will ensure anybody will stand out from a crowd.

Cost of living: If you are looking to buy in Chelsea, the median sale price as of 2016 is $1.38 million, which is higher than the median sale price in Manhattan as a whole. The average rent price in Chelsea is $3,500/month compared to the Manhattan average of $3,100/month.

Chelsea has everything you need for a lively Manhattan experience. Whether you’re a young professional or a family of four, you will have no trouble making Chelsea your home.