Featuring picturesque views and some of the best pizza in NYC, Dumbo is the perfect combination of homely Brooklyn with modern New York.

Bordered from north to south from the East River to York Street and east to west from Bridge Street to Brooklyn Bridge Promenade, Dumbo may seem small in size, but its Instagram-worthy views and decadent food more than makes up for it.


While Dumbo is a hot spot in New York with its idyllic city views and gorgeous parks, it is not easy to get to via subway. The only line that actually lands in Dumbo is the (F) line at the York Street stop. However, the next closest subways are the (A & C) trains at the High Street stop.

In terms of above ground transportation, the only buses that actually touch some part of Dumbo are the (B25, B62, & B67) lines. While the choices for public transportation are limited, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Dumbo is gorgeous; take a walk and see what Brooklyn has to offer (it has a lot).


Dumbo is not normal. There are not grocery stores around every corner (or a Starbucks while you’re at it); however, what it lacks in traditional amenities, it makes up in quirky shops and amazing waterfront views. You’ll find residents hitting up their favorite album stores (yes there are multiple), or simply relaxing at the Brooklyn Bridge Park which overlooks both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge (while also going around the carousel). Dumbo is not known for its party scene or late night drinking (even though there are a few exceptions). It’s a relaxed neighborhood with Manhattan influences. Ideal for trendy dates or boozy brunches, come to Dumbo and enjoy the peace that is rarely associated with Manhattan.

Restaurants & BarsRestaurant & Bars

As part of Brooklyn’s flavor, Dumbo has a huge variety of cuisines that will make anybody’s stomach grumble as they wait in the long lines to eat. Our personal favorite has to be Juliana’s Pizza (always has to be pizza). Do you want authentic pizza? Let me clarify; do you want authentic Brooklyn pizza? Then Juliana’s is the place. Try the classic margherita (but I personally will devour at least 4 white pizza pies), and never eat at Dominoes again. For those who prefer a more expensive meal with a gorgeous view, The River Cafe sports gorgeous views, fine dining, and an extremely expensive price tag. Yet it’s worth every penny (or a lot of pennies). Try the monkfish and ask yourself why you ever prefer beef over fish. For more rustic cuisines, Vinegar Hill House provides beautifully delicious food that everyone will enjoy. Get the Butcher’s Cut Steak and just ponder about why steak is amazing.

Not known for their bar scene, Dumbo still has some great options. Superfine features some awesome bar foods yet any drink from their menu is a perfect compliment for the food they serve. 7 Old Fulton may be first considered a restaurant, but the wine selection is perfect for its Italian theme.


As with anything next to the riverside, Dumbo is expensive to live in. With a mixture of industrial 1970s era lofts and newly constructed high-rises, Dumbo may have its variety of different building types but the price is still the same. With an average rental price of 3,475, it is certainly cheaper than Manhattan’s average of 4,975, but the rental prices are slowly beginning to surge.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

Dumbo is perfect. It has scenic views, cute cobblestone lined streets, and a unique vibe. Not many neighborhoods can boast panoramic views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, and these same neighborhoods can’t boast about the amazing waterfront views that Dumbo offers. While the price tag on the rental market is quite high, Dumbo is still amazing. Come to Dumbo to take a selfie of the beautiful river views and never leave as you’ll fall in love with the calm and peaceful atmosphere.