Bordered to the South and North by Houston St. and 14th st, and to the East and West by the East River and 4th Ave./Bowery, East Village is a perfect symbol of the New York spirit. Filled with a variety of eccentric residents, quirky cafes, and exotic night clubs, the East Village always guarantees a fun filled night for any thrill seeker.

Accessibilityheader: Traveling to and from East Village can be difficult, but walking is a treasured part of Manhattan life. However, for the less patient of us, the (6) trains run vertically through East Village while the (L & F) trains run horizontally. For above ground travel, residents can take the (M8) bus to travel vertically through East Village while the (M15) bus allows horizontal transit.

Lifestyle: The best way to describe the East Village is independent. A huge variety of street art colors the area’s pre-war buildings while vintage shops and record stores keep the nostalgic feel of old New York. Typically quiet during the day, residents tend to relax outside on the beautiful, tree-lined streets or at Tompkins Sq. Park. When the sun goes down, the eccentric nightlife kicks off. Residents also flock to St. Mark’s Place, an amazingly quirky amazing street, to eat great desserts or to shop at vintage clothing stores.

Restaurant and Bars: Food and alcohol are in plentiful supply in the East Village. For a fun night out with friends, Amor y Amargo is a classic no-frills cocktail bar; alternatively, we hear the Grandyman is a local favorite. For beer, the Proletariat provides a wide variety of beers that aren’t offered elsewhere. For food, East Village boasts eateries with wildly diverse fare, from authentic ramen at Ippudo to high-end vegan dishes at Avant Garden. No matter the craving or the occasion, East Village will always satisfy visitors.

Cost of Living: East Village’s active nightlife and authentic New York atmosphere do, however, come at a price. The average rental cost for an East Village apartment is $3,795, which is about $200 shy of Manhattan’s average of $3,957. However, as the months go on over the summer, it is likely the prices will surge. In the end, residents pay the Manhattan average for the archetypical New York City experience, complete with artistic atmosphere, exciting nightlife, and excellent location. Justifiably one of New York’s more popular neighborhoods, East Village residents are undoubtedly getting good bang for their buck.