Located between the East River and Fourth Avenue, from East to West and 14th Street and Houston Street, from North to South, the East Village is a funky neighborhood with tons of flair.  You will find your fair share of tattoo parlors, record shops, vintage clothing stores, and dive bars in this little slice of lower Manhattan.

Accessibility: The East Village is served by the 6, L, and F subway lines, but expect a far walk if you live east of Avenue A.  If you do want to take public transit to and around here your best bet are the M15 and M9 buses North/South and the M8 East/West.  These can also be taken to get to the subway station.

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Lifestyle: One thing is for sure, you are free to be yourself in the EV. This neighborhood is very carefree and avant-garde. Take a look down St. Mark’s Square, for a real snapshot of how bohemian this neighborhood can be. Lined with mostly head shops, the street is an open marketplace with cheap eats and vintage clothing and jewelry. When the sun goes down, the EV becomes a mecca of nightlife with low-key dive bars, dancing and clubs.

Restaurants and Bars: The East Village has an exceptional mix of restaurants and bars. It seems that every day a new restaurant concept opens here. You can go semi-upscale at Daniel Boulud’s DBGB for truly fantastic food, or to Momofuku Milk Bar for casual and unique deserts. You can find anything in this neighborhood from comfort food in a gooey, cheesy plate of mac n’ cheese at S’Mac to super cool cocktails at Summit Bar. There is always a new place to try, so if you like variety the East Village will keep you busy for quite some time.

Cost of living: All of this awesomeness does come with a price. The East Village can be a relatively inexpensive place to live when compared with other downtown neighborhoods. If you’re looking for super luxury, you’re in the wrong place. The East Village is mostly comprised of smaller, walk-up apartments. Although median rents in the area are about $2,750, you’re not going to get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to square footage. Living in this cool neighborhood often means living in former tenements, but that’s part of the charm right?

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