Whether you have an open concept plan or an NYC studio apartment, dividing up space will help it look more cohesive and natural. There are so many creative ideas to help divide space. Without having to put up another wall, here are some great solutions to help you divide your space.


A classic solution for a smaller open space is using a bookcase as a divider. Using an open and see-through bookcase allows natural light to pass through during the day but still creates that important division of zones. If you’re looking for alternatives, we’ve found some great brands on AptDeco, give them a try.

Open Curio

A modern, yet vintage look is a must. Using an open curio rather than a bookcase allows you to grab this look, while dividing your rooms. It’s a great way to divide the kitchen and dining area, or the dining area and the living area. Stock them with beautiful dishes and you’ll be set for every meal.

headerTension Rod Unit

Go full on mid century modern with a tension rod system. Danish Cado-type shelves take advantage of all the space between your floor and your ceiling to display your goodies. The look is classic and fits any modern home.

Clothing Wardrobe

For those who are really tight on space with limited closets, a clothing wardrobe is your best option. Hang your shirts and coats up top, while displaying your shoe collection on bottom. Use baskets and boxes to hide your more unsightly items.

Rolling Cloth Divider

Are you a DIY person? You could try dividing your space with your own creation. Pick up a garment rack, along with your favorite fabric. Create a hanging panel with your fabric and attach it to the top of the garment rack. If you can’t sew, look for pre-sewn fabric panels or even curtains.


A low footprint way to divvy up your space is with curtains. They take up virtually no room and make a great substitute for a wall. Use a rod hung from the ceiling and let some drapes flow down. Use sheer curtains to allow the light to pass through.


A wall made of old wood pallets is sure to be a statement piece. This divider can fit an industrial space just as well as it could fit a farm-style home. Hang posters and pictures to give your pallet divider a personal touch.


Another fun idea is stacking crates together to create a faux wall. Not only will it create a division of space, the crates also have room for storage. Use wood crates or go for a different look with old metal milk crates or new plastic ones.

Old Doors

A quirky look can be achieved by pulling some old doors together to create a division of space. Just attach hinges to them so they can fold back and forth. For a more mobile divider, attach wheels and you can move your door divider all around your apartment.

Old Windows

For another eclectic solution, piece together old window frames. The great thing is you don’t even need the original glass inserts. This window frame divider will look even funkier if it’s missing a few panels of glass.

Chalkboard Divider

An inventive way to spice up a hand-me-down wood divider is chalk paint. Chalk paint is available online or in any hardware store. Paint your divider and then spend the rest of eternity writing inspirational messages to yourself. You’ll thank us.

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