Looking for a new apartment?  Need a new roommate as well?  Finding a new roommate might be harder than finding the apartment!  Finding the right roommate is essential to an easy apartment search and creating a happy home.  Choose your roommate carefully- there aren’t any apartments nice enough to make up for piles of dirty dishes!


Here are a few tips to help you find the roommate:


1. Stay Vocal (but you don’t need to sing!)


The best way to find the right roommate is to be open about what kind of apartment you are both looking for.  Make sure you communicate with any potential roommates about what you absolutely need a new apartment and what you can live without.  Decide where you want to live, how much you are want to pay, and what your apartment needs to have.  All being on the same page before you start looking will make the apartment search process much easier.


2. Talk Money


It’s never easier to talk about money, especially when it comes to how much you make.  It is important, however, to open up about your finances with a potential roommate.  If you wait to have this conversation it can present problems in the rental process and come between you.  Being prepared financially will ensure a much smoother rental process.


3. Discuss Your Routine


Is a neat roommate a must?  How about one that can cook?  Find out what your potential roommate is like, and make sure to tell him/her about yourself as well.  This conversation can feel awkward, but it is hugely important in finding a good roommate.  Knowing what you’re getting yourself into (and your roommate knowing what they are getting into!) will make for much better chemistry once you find your perfect spot!