Not a surprise, Fort Greene is, well, very green! With lush greenery inside the beautiful Fort Greene Park and the birthplace of legendary Michael Jordan, Fort Greene is iconic and historic all bundled into one neighborhood.

Bordered from East to West with Clermont Avenue to Flatbush Avenue and North to South with Flushing Avenue to Atlantic Avenue, Fort Greene is literally littered with green throughout.


Fortunate enough to have Atlantic Avenue – Barclays Center at its fingertips, Fort Greene is very accessible via subway. Housing 9 subway stations, Atlantic Avenue – Barclays Center is the transportation haven for many. The (2, 3, 4, 5, B, D, N, Q, & R) trains are available to go into Manhattan, Queens, or further into Brooklyn with relative (depending on the MTA…) ease. However, if you wish to land in the heart of Fort Greene, take the (C) train to Lafayette Avenue or the (G) train to Fulton Street.

I don’t know why anyone would take a bus when walking through Fort Greene is so gorgeous, but if you’re so inclined, there are plenty of options. For horizontal travel, the (B25, B26 B38, B52, B54) bus lines will take you up and down Brooklyn. However, for vertical travel, you’re stuck with (B69). I can’t stress enough to just walk around; it deserves to be admired and walked.


The picturesque tree lined streets strike inspiration for everybody who calls this wonderful neighborhood home. With a good mix of long-term residents and a young artistic crowd, Fort Greene caters to everybody who loves lounging around the park and smiling. Despite the difference in population, the community is caring and extremely tight-knit. You’ll find residents playing frisbee in the park, holding hands as they walk down a tree lined street, or scolding their dog for being too cute.

Restaurant & BarsRestaurant & Bars

Stomach grumbling? Haven’t eaten in 2 minutes? Need pizza? Well, Fort Greene has all the solutions you’ll ever need. For a Mexican flair, Habana Outpost will satisfy all cravings. The Diablo Chicken is spice to a whole new level, which makes it ideal when you want your tongue to burn. Olea‘s brunch menu is as legendary as it is famous. Freshly baked croissants, smoked salmon, lamb hash, or a Turkish breakfast, everything is amazing yet intoxicating. As soon as you finish your meal you’ll be thinking about your next reservation (JK you can’t make reservations here).

Feeling thirsty? Are you shaking for alcohol (if you are you should try to sit down)? Don’t worry, drinks are here. Not only known for their great food, Habana Outpost (I know I mentioned it before) has some great margaritas. Mixed with a very casual vibe and a great outdoor location, enjoy one of their signature mojitos and a corn on the cob to top it off. While No. 7 may seem like a restaurant, most regulars know this is the place to get a drink. Get the Negroni. Drink it, enjoy it, and order 15 more.


Not as expensive as some of the more trendier neighborhoods (Looking at you, Williamsburg), Fort Greene is still quite expensive compared to deeper into Brooklyn. Expect to pay around $3,000 for your apartment as compared to Manhattan’s $5,300.

Final VerdictFinal Verdict

Fort Greene is the perfect combination of relaxation and enjoyment. Want to lay down with your golden retriever while drinking a mojito? Fort Greene Park is the spot. Want to enjoy some good food while talking vacation plans with friends? Well, Habana Outpost is the place. Come to Fort Greene for its wonderful park, then stay forever enjoying the greenery.