In a city that is constantly in a state of rapid change, Gramercy NYC remains the sedate, historic pinnacle of tradition that it has always been. It provides the same quiet charm as always, even as its surrounding neighborhoods change their personas with the seasons. Nestled between the busiest parts of Manhattan, Gramercy is an urban oasis for those that would get FOMO living too far away from the city, but still value peace and quiet.


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‘Gramercy’ is actually an anglicization of “Crommessie,” which was derived from the Dutch term, “Krom Moerasje” meaning “crooked little swamp.” This described the area before developer Samuel B. Riggles purchased the plot of land and set off to drain the swamp and develop Gramercy Park and the surrounding neighborhood upon the reclaimed land.

Since its creation, the park has been renowned for its exclusivity and privacy. This changed in 1863 when Gramercy Park was opened to Union Soldiers tasked with quelling the dangerous 1863 Draft Riots.

In 1966, the Gramercy Park neighborhood was designated as a historic district and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980. To this day, the park remains one of only 2 private parks in NYC. 



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Gramercy NYC provides adequate accessibility to other areas within the city and outer boroughs, with access to the 4, 5, and 6 trains, as well as the N, Q, R, and L. Thankfully, the transit system doesn’t disrupt the quiet tranquility of the neighborhood.



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The lifestyle in Gramercy is particularly devoid of the types of things that define lifestyles in other neighborhoods, such as restaurants, stores, and bars. Gramercy’s value is the counter-cultural vibe the neighborhood provides juxtaposed to Manhattan as a whole. If Manhattan is fast, busy, loud, and defined by change, Gramercy is leisurely, tranquil, and has withstood the test of time as a central location of tradition and history while still maintaining downtown ties.



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The cuisine in the Gramercy NYC neighborhood reflects the area. While there’s nothing extreme or avant garde about the offerings, the area is saturated with plenty of quaint, charming, affordable eateries. Some of our favorites are Casa Mono, Upland, Maialino, and Friend of a Farmer.



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Considering its status as an upper-tier neighborhood, its unique tradition and history, and its close proximity to downtown, the real estate prices in Gramercy are rather affordable compared to other highly sought-after neighborhoods. The median sales price for a property is $941,000 and the median rent is $3,300/mo.

Final Verdict


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For those not interested in the glitz and glamour of downtown life or in being part of the daily grind of Midtown, Gramercy NYC can be your quiet, safe haven within Manhattan. You’ll be surrounded by other like-minded people attracted to creating their own small town community within the big city, with one of the most lush, green environments in Manhattan (outside of Central Park) as your backdrop.

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