Located between 59th Street and 34th Street, North to South and 8th Avenue and the Hudson River, East to West, Hell’s Kitchen is a large neighborhood that expands from the edge of Columbus Circle to the Javits Center. It is a wide-open neighborhood due to fewer developments on the western side of Manhattan.

Accessibility: The A/C/E line serves the eastern edge of this neighborhood. West of 8th Avenue, residents primarily use buses due to the lack of subways in this area.  You’ll find the M11 most helpful to take you North/South and the M34 and M42 buses for East/West service.

Lifestyle: You will find many theaters in Hell’s Kitchen, in close proximity to Broadway stages. There are many entertainment options to choose from. The atmosphere here is casual and down-to-earth, with tons of small eateries on every corner, though it can get crowded with tourists on weekends. You can often find residents taking a stroll down the West Side Highway and enjoying the Hudson waterfront.

Restaurants and bars: There are almost more restaurants in Hell’s Kitchen then there are residents. It seems like every storefront is a new place to dine or drink. If you have an eclectic taste, head to 9th Avenue where you can find cuisine from all over the world. Enjoy French cuisine at Marseille, Siamese at Pam Real Thai Food, and authentic Mexican at Tulcingo del Valle.

Cost of living: Parts of Hell’s Kitchen can be a far walk from the subway, so residents on average will find they get more space for their money here. You will have your pick of brownstones, walk-ups, and more recently, luxury buildings. The further west you go, the more space you will have. The median price of a one bedroom is $3,200/month.

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