Hila Peled of Triplemint Real Estate had an incredible year in New York City sales. She helped sellers make huge returns on their investments, and helped buyers find the homes of their dreams. Listen in on the ups, downs, twists, and turns of her work selling homes in 2021.

Hi, everyone, it’s your favorite real estate agent, Hila Peled. I’m super excited to share with you my year in review, 2021. 

110 Hall Street

Oh my goodness, I love this sale. This is 110 Hall Street. It’s really one of the more exciting listings of 2021 for me because the seller of this property was smart enough to buy this property with me only two years ago. Obviously, as the buyer’s agent at the time, I was able to get him a pretty sweet deal. He bought it for $1,035,000 in 2019, and at the time there was a full intention of gut renovating this property. It needed a ton of work, but throughout the process of designing it and during COVID, his family grew and he decided it’s actually too small for his needs. We went ahead and listed it only two years and three months later. I was really able to position it correctly and with the right marketing, we were able to get multiple offers and sell the same exact property with no renovations for $1,220,000. That’s almost two hundred thousand dollars in two years. I was really excited to get that result for him. 

115 Eastern Parkway

115 Eastern Parkway. I was really lucky this year with helping out such great people. I met them a few years back when I was selling a different apartment in the same building. I advised them to upgrade their bathrooms and the kitchen. That way we can maximize when it is time to sell. They have two adorable kids, both of them in elementary school, so we can only imagine how tight their two bedroom, two bathroom apartment became during COVID. They were longing for more space, and we started to look for townhouses for them. As soon as we found the right fit, we immediately listed their apartment because of the upgraded bathrooms on their end and strategically pricing the property and marketing it on my end. We were able to get multiple bids for them and sell it over the asking price. I am thrilled about their new home. 

196 Stanhope Street

Last but not least, this is 196 Stanhope Street, another townhouse sold by me and my team when I met the owners of this lovely two family townhouse in Bushwick. They were in the midst of their big move out to the suburbs and really wanted to focus on their move. We tested pricing during the summer and by the time they moved out right around September, we had a pretty good idea of what price we wanted to list at right away. We were showing constantly. Eventually, the sellers decided to go with a lower offer because it was all cash and could close before the end of the year. I love showing this property. It had high ceilings and a beautiful backyard and all kinds of gorgeous details. It was really special. 


That was my 2021 year in review. You know, that was just my sales listing, and I wanted to tell you a little bit about our rental business this year. We were fortunate enough to help 100 people move homes this year on the rental market.

To work with Hila Peled, contact her at 917.651.4831 or via email at hila@triplemint.com.