Doorman and doorwomen buildings are a luxury in New York City and are sought after for good reason. From providing security to collecting packages, doormen and other building staff do a lot to ensure their buildings are comfortable and pleasant.

It’s common practice to tip doormen, supers, concierges, and porters during the holiday season, yet most building residents struggle to determine the appropriate amount. For this reason, Triplemint created the digital Holiday Doorman Tip-O-Meter to help.

Triplemint surveyed over 100 Manhattan doormen and used their tipping experiences and expectations to create the tipping calculator. It is one of our most popular pages, with features on sites such as Time Out, Spoiled NYC , Travel + Leisure, Guest of a Guest, and Metro US.

The Tip-O-Meter will ask you your regular tipping habits, use of doorman services, years lived in the building, and building specifics. It caters to all types of tippers from “Grinch” to “generous” to create personalized, yet realistic tipping advice.

As essential workers, building staff have gone above and beyond to continue their hard work this year. If you can, consider adding an additional 10-15% extra to your tip this year.

Although doormen also appreciate food, gift cards, and other personal gifts, cash tips are preferred. With the Holiday Doorman Tip-O-Meter, residents can be confident that their tips are appropriate and will be well appreciated by building staff.