After all those long nights of studying and doing papers, you’ve finally graduated college! It’s now time for you to take the next steps into adulthood. You may be in the process of looking for full-time work or already have a job lined up, but the next step is to start doing your research on potential NYC apartments.

Where to Begin



Research is the most important thing to do during the beginning of your search. Before looking for locations, start to consider a price range, which will automatically narrow down your search.

Based on this budget, you’ll be able to start thinking about the best NYC neighborhood for your potential apartment.

If searching in prime Manhattan, you could look in the East Village, Upper East Side, or Hell’s Kitchen. If you’re open to upper Manhattan, you could look for places in Washington Heights, Harlem, Morningside Heights, and Inwood. If willing to look beyond Manhattan, there’s a wider range of cheap apartments in Queens and Brooklyn.

It’s important to consider your commute to work, your proximity to friends, and what neighborhood vibe you’re looking for. Wander around a few potential neighborhoods to get a feel for the area and check out the local restaurants and bars.

The Bare Essentials 



Before applying for an NYC apartment, you’ll need to compile a bunch of information to ensure you’re in the running.

At the moment, you’ll probably have sizable student loans. Those loans may impact your credit score, which is something landlords look at during the application process. To get an idea of what your credit score is, you could download the Mint app to check your credit score for free, or simply visit a website that offers free credit checks.

Along with a passable credit score, you’ll need a letter from your employer stating your job title, function, and salary, your most recent pay stubs, bank statements, and W2 tax form. Along with those items, you’ll need the first page and signature page of your most recent federal tax return and a copy of your photo ID. Lastly, you will need a few references to prove you are a great tenant.

Money, Money, Money

Return on investment


How much money are you going to spend in NYC each month?

You’ll need to do your research long before your move to the Big Apple. Start by making a list of the things you’ll need for your apartment and your predicted monthly expenses. This will help you set a strict budget, which will allow you to find an apartment that’s definitely within your monthly budget.

From rent and cable to groceries and other essential items, you’ll need to take every cost into account if you’re going to effectively survive living in NYC. For tips on how to save on rent, check out our piece here.

There’s No Place Like Home



This entire process is going to be pretty stressful. However, if you’ve got an expert, friendly agent by your side then it’s a whole lot easier.