It’s no secret that moving is a substantial endeavor. You’ve scoured the internet and found the perfect apartment in NYC in a happening part of town. It’s close to work, has lots of natural light, and you can’t wait to get there.

However, as you look around your current residence, you observe the amount of possessions you’ve accumulated and realize your work is cut out for you! Fortunately, with careful planning and a sense of mindfulness about what you’ll need in your new place, you can save space during the moving process. Read on to find out how.

Only Take What You Need

Unless you practice minimalism, chances are you’ve accumulated plenty of things that you no longer need in your New York City home. Clutter, as it’s colloquially known, can make it hard to find things and even impact us psychologically!

Go through your place, room by room, and take stock of what’s there. Do you have a cluttered old desk, full of receipts and documents that just take up space? A drawer of old t-shirts that you no longer wear? If so, you may want to take the time to declutter; and remember, the sooner the better.

Find a way to recycle and dispose of your trash in accordance with your municipality’s system, and consider donating old clothes to a thrift store or charity of your choice. The process of physically removing clutter can also provide you with an opportunity to give your apartment a thorough clean, which will surely make the move out even less stressful. Once your home is free of clutter and junk, it’s time to get packing!

Pack Like a Pro

Whether you’re schlepping your possessions in a friend’s SUV or renting a moving van, the importance of packing effectively can never be undervalued. When it comes to packing clothes or other compressible goods, consider using space bags; these will vacuum-seal everything in a tight, consolidated package.

Pack your clothing in large can liners, as they are less rigid than a moving box and can help save space. For clothing on hangers, you can tear a hole in the trash bag and cover the garments to avoid dirtying them, and tie the hangers together with zip ties or a belt. For small appliances and oddly-shaped knick knacks, it is best to pack them in cardboard moving boxes – be sure to secure them with packing tape.

When it comes to moving larger items, be sure to have a few friends on hand or hire professional movers – you don’t want to break your dresser or bed frame walking it out to the vehicle. If it’s time to say goodbye to your old bed anyway, consider purchasing a mattress in a box to be shipped directly to your new place, like a Casper mattress with this promo code here.

Moving mattresses and box springs can be difficult and time-consuming, and by mailing one directly to your new residence, you cut down on the load you have to carry! As you load your belongings, be sure to cover wood furniture (especially dressers, bookshelves and bed frames) with packing blankets to safeguard their easily-scratched surfaces.

Make Multiple Trips

If you’re moving within NYC , you can usually save money at the expense of time by making multiple trips. Don’t overload your vehicle or create a safety hazard by trying to stuff everything into one trip. If you have a quick and direct route on public transit between your old place and your new one, you can bring small, non-breakable items in a backpack or suitcase and save even more space in your vehicle and time sitting in traffic.

If you are making multiple trips, it’s best to have a few people waiting at the new apartment to help you unload quicker – you don’t want to get a ticket or impede the flow of traffic!

Using these tips to make your move as minimal and efficient as possible will allow you to set up your new place quickly and jump right into the swing of things!

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