According to UrbanDigs, a real estate analytics website, there were more than 4,700 properties listed for sale on any given day in January 2018 in Manhattan alone.

As a result, the chance that potential buyers will find your listing, like it, and actually click on it is relatively low. So what are tried-and-tested strategies to really make your apartment stand out? Let’s go one step further; what are some strategies you can use to make your apartment look desirable at viewings?

Look Outside the Box


Triplemint’s CEO David Walker says it best, “For the first time ever, the real estate brokerage you choose matters. Triplemint’s use of data and predictive analytics gives buyers exclusive access to properties they can’t see online and delivers sellers the most qualified and motivated buyers. The result? Tomorrow’s opportunities, today.”

The Research and Sales Development team at Triplemint will match qualified buyers with your property, giving you insights on the right price and features to promote before you list. This enables us to match perfect homes with perfect buyers in a more cost-effective and efficient way.

Use Multimedia



To make your sale stand out, use all the media at hand. Obviously, a good online listing is super important, including the right wording and amazing photos, but more on that later.

Why not take a few videos of the space as well? This will give prospective buyers a better idea of the size, atmosphere, and proportions of your place and give them a virtual tour without having to step a foot into the apartment.

Lastly, don’t forget print media. Show sheets should be designed with appealing colors and include all the important information. Triplemint agent Liza Abrahams emphasizes, “Great show sheets with all the right components will be a good backup to what buyers see online.”

Hire ProfessionalsPhotographer


From getting an appraisal to putting the listing on the market, negotiating with buyers, and closing the deal, selling an apartment in New York City is not a piece of cake. Your Triplemint agent will take most of the work out of your hands and negotiate a good deal on your behalf once the time comes.

For listing photos, get help from a professional photographer who will use the right light and angles to showcase the apartment in all its glory. If budget allows for it, hiring a professional stager might also be a good idea. With the right furniture and use of color patterns, a regular apartment can turn into something special.

Word It RightWording


Words can do a whole lot of magic. When putting an ad up for your apartment sale, pay close attention to the way you describe the apartment, its amenities, the building, and the neighborhood. An engaging, fun copy that highlights all of the apartment’s strong points can make a big difference.

Liza Abrahams explains, “The right wording is key so that a buyer can see the versatility of a space.” Obviously, this is your agent’s job. “A good agent will use descriptive words in their sales pitch and good suggestions on how to utilize the space differently or uniquely. This will get a buyer’s imagination going,” she adds.

Investbrick wall


Instead of selling your property “as is,” consider investing a few bucks into basic renovations and a new look. Peter Sommer, Head of the Sommer Team at Triplemint, typically recommends to his clients to select alternative light fixtures and to repair any cosmetic defects. To make sure that your apartment will appeal to the largest crowd possible, change the wall colors to more neutral shades. “Finally, if necessary, give the floors a refinishing,” adds Peter Sommer.

Sarah Bhagwansingh, a member of the Fabrikant Team at Triplemint, is a big fan of staging. “Staging the apartment really helps to show a space in its greatest light,” says the real estate professional. As for the design, Liza Abrahams tends to go with clean lines and modern furniture. Choosing a design that is easy on the eyes also helps buyers imagine themselves and their own belongings in the apartment.

Final Thoughts

Beautiful apartment pixabay.comPC:

Be a marketing guru! “You must paint a picture,” concludes Liza Abrahams. Colors, scents, furniture, and the right words should all tell a story about what kind of home a potential buyer could make in your property.

Also, investing in professional photography, staging, and good marketing can really make a difference. Pay attention to the little details. Selling a home is a lengthy and possibly tiring process, so hiring an agent to help you out can really make a difference.