New York City real estate agents are a dime a dozen. A fantastic NYC real estate agent is about one-in-a-million, almost literally.

Here is a fun fact: About 80% of real estate agents drop out in their first year.

Think back to the broker that helped you find your current apartment. It is likely that this person is now employed in a different industry all together or even unemployed. Crazy, right?

So, why the turnover? The only real estate agents that we know or have ever heard of are already successful, hence why you have heard of them. They live in beautiful apartments, wear nice suits, take big black SUVs everywhere, and usually have an expensive, but fragile, dog that they tote around like a designer accessory. The image we see when we hear “NYC real estate agent” is that of success and luxury.

The fact of the matter is, like everything else in life, becoming that successful in real estate took those people years, maybe even decades! Starting your career in real estate is slow and steady, and often gruelling.

My name is Eric, and I am in my first year in the industry. I recently came over to TripleMint to continue my journey under supportive guidance from a team of pros, and this is what my day looks like:

6:00AM – 7AMI wake up to the most annoying alarm tune in the world..If I hear this tune any time throughout the day I get irritated but it works perfectly for getting me out of bed to shut it off. I am most likely reading emails, news headlines, and contemplating the rest of my day. Then I’ll have some boiled eggs, a can of Seltzer, and then I hop in the shower.

7:00AM – 8:00AM. I get dressed, fix my hair, and hang out with my little brother before he heads to school. I try and spend as much time as possible with him in the morning and then at night.
8:00AM – 9:00AM. I catch a ride to the 7 train with my best friend who also happens to work at TripleMint. If I didn’t eat at home for some reason, I’ll grab some breakfast around work. If I did, then I’ll grab a shake or make myself some coffee at the office.
9:00AM – 10:00AM.On Monday’s we have team meetings at 9:15 for Agents and 9:30 for the office where we discuss goals and the progress we’ve made as a company. Every other day I use this time to send confirmation emails for appointments, follow up with clients, refresh and make new clients, and/or update my Facebook and Instagram.
10:00AM – 11:00AM. I’m either on phone calls with other brokers/management companies or researching the market looking for the newest inventory for my clients. By now, I usually have confirmed my first appointment with my client and am preparing by writing down the apartments I will be showing for the day. I like to use a physical folder for each client and fill it with the details of the apartments they will see as well as with a time stamped map of where I will go and when I have to be there.
11:00AM – 12:00PM. If I don’t have a client for the day then I am making advertisements, reading market reports, connecting with my social media followers and reading up on the market.
12:00PM – 1:00PM Around now I am usually grabbing lunch to bring back to the office with some co workers. Either a sandwich from Lenny’s, a really unhealthy but delicious meal from the food tents outside my office, or from one of the various buffet places around. I also really love Chipotle, but limit the amount of times I eat there due to the perpetually enormous line.
1:00PM – 7:00PM. I’m either out with a client, making last minute preparations for a client, answering questions for BrickUnderground, or figuring out ways to maximize my own exposure. I typically like to block off two to four hours to show clients as many apartments as possible given their situation and availability. Sometimes these can start around noon (especially on weekends) or they can start around 5PM in which case I’ll be showing until around 8PM. I joined a Sunday Softball league that has games usually around 5PM at Dewitt Clinton park. I love Sunday’s because I get to let go and only think about the game at hand and the happy hour after!
8:00PM – 11:00PM. I’ll either already be home eating some dinner or on my way home. About 30 minutes after dinner I go to the gym with the same friend I work with. We prefer to go later so when the gym isn’t too packed and we can get a good workout in. If I don’t go to the gym, I’ll either visit my girlfriend at her Kip’s Bay studio apartment and grab dinner with her or I’ll go to some sort of networking event. Lately, I’ve been looking into a lot of Meetups that can connect me to like-minded young professionals and seasoned veterans that can not only help me in my career, but can also become new friends.
I try to go to bed by 12AM. Sometimes later, sometimes earlier. It all depends on my clients and the different events going on.
Downtime. When I’m off from work, I love biking and in the winter, I love hitting the slopes on my skis with some friends. Sports are my all time favorite hobby along with hanging out with the people I love the most.
I look forward to the days of million-dollar-listings, but I know that my journey in this industry starts with long days and hard work.