Located along the Hudson River to its west, Hudson Yards is bound by the Hudson River, Hell’s Kitchen to the north, Chelsea to the south, and 10th Avenue to the east. The new development project supported by the MTA, the State of New York, and the City of New York was approved in 2005 and began groundbreaking in 2012.



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Hudson Yards is definitely the proverbial new kid on the block when it comes to Manhattan. The new development project really only began its first major strides in 2012, and set out to create 12,000,000 square feet of new office space, shops, residences, parks, restaurants, and other developments that would help to enrich the local community.

The City of New York and the MTA have been contributing partners to the project, both financing and developing new infrastructure to accommodate the area. The first building project within the development, 10 Hudson Yards, began in 2012 and was recently finished in 2016.



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Hudson Yards is a relatively accessible area within Manhattan, especially considering the recent additions to the MTA. The 34th Street Station was added to the area, which gave the 7 train accessibility to Hudson Yards. In addition to the trains, the area has several Citi Bike stops nearby, and the area is very walkable and in close proximity to many Midtown hot spots.



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The lifestyle in Hudson Yards is one of the neighborhood’s main attractions, with community planners purposefully creating a Midtown hub that was equal parts work, lifestyle, and entertainment. The area is home to the global headquarters of Coach, Inc., and has the city’s only Neiman Marcus.

By the end of the development project, there will be over 100 retail stores in the area. The neighborhood also features Hudson Park and The High Line, a 6-acre park and a beautiful, landscaped walking path over the rail yards, respectively.



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As it’s such a new development, there aren’t necessarily any go-to spots in the area yet. However, there are plenty of trendy, up-and-coming places in the area, including Friedman’s and Porchlight. If you’re willing to travel a little bit further south, there’s also Trestle on Tenth, Rocket Pig, Red Cat, and Chop-Shop.


Office - 10 Hudson Yards - Availabilities

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Given the early stages of this development project, the only properties that have been made available are the first batches of Hudson Yards properties. These are expensive, but don’t necessarily reflect what the future may hold price-wise, as they’re being sold at a premium because of their exclusivity as first properties.

Median rent is $4,500 for a 2-bedroom apartment so far. If the sales price of the condos at 10 Hudson Yards are any indication, sales will be just as pricy as rentals. Starting at $1.92 million and spanning all the way to $32 million for the top penthouses, the buildings span from expensive to ludicrously expensive, with most units asking for less than $7 million. Pricey, yes, but that’s the cost of being the owner of some of the newest properties NYC has to offer.

Final Verdict



For the trendsetters and early adopters, this may just be your best chance to get into the hot, new place in NYC before everyone follows. We can’t tell how the development project will end up once it’s finished, but if the current progress and plans are any indication then we suggest seriously considering the potential of Hudson Yards.