History of Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards, located between 10th and 12th Avenues from West 30th to West 34th Street, is New York City’s newest neighborhood and the site of a $20 billion real estate development program. It is the largest mixed-use private real estate development in U.S. history.

Before becoming NYC’s Hudson Yards, this area of western Manhattan was underutilized for a long time, mainly occupied by rail yards. The area was actually constructed above active railroad tracks and the Gateway Tunnel.

The goal of the recent development was to expand Midtown Manhattan’s business district westward and set the precedent for the future of “smart cities” – those that use data to manage urban areas.

The first phase, called Eastern Yard, was completed and opened in March 2019 and includes residential and commercial skyscrapers, a shopping mall, public gardens, and a cultural center called “The Shed.”

The second phase – Western Yard – is projected to be completed by 2025, and will include more residential buildings, offices, and even a school.

Hudson Yards has redefined what constitutes the typical Manhattan neighborhood by transitioning away from its renowned historic industrious roots and is becoming a revitalized community for both locals and visitors to enjoy.

The Vibe of Hudson Yards

Manhattan’s Hudson Yards neighborhood is thought of as a “city within a city,” boasting cutting-edge architecture as well as a high-end, futuristic aesthetic.

It includes over 100 shops and restaurants, offices for industry leaders, cultural centers such as “The Shed,” apartments, public spaces, and even a luxury hotel.

Some have referred to Hudson Yards as the “New West Side,” due to its glamorous and modern vibe. As NYC’s newest and most abstract neighborhood, you should expect to see this area heavily populated by tourists and locals alike trying to catch a glimpse of all the action.

Unique Features of Hudson Yards

One of the most unique things about Hudson Yards is the Vessel – a honeycomb-like structure that’s quickly become considered the landmark of the neighborhood.

It is a 16-story interactive sculpture constructed with interconnecting flights of stairs, open for the public to climb by reserving free tickets online. The Vessel stands at the heart of Hudson Yards’ public square and gardens.

Due to its unique appearance, the Vessel has recently become one of the most Instagrammable structures in NYC, encouraging many to flock to the area to snap a photo of their own.

Things To Do in Hudson Yards

  • Vessel: As mentioned before, the Vessel is a one-of-a-kind experience. It is a great place to get those daily steps in and view the city from a new perspective. Make sure to get your photo op!
  • The Shed: Bordering the High Line and Hudson Yards, this cultural center is the perfect place to see a live performance or view incredible art. From music to digital media, the retractable roof of The Shed allows the space to adapt to all sorts of artistic work.
  • Snark Park: The name may be deceiving, but this multifaceted exhibition space features immersive installations that are constantly changing. It is never the same experience twice, offering repeat visitors something new to do each time they come.
  • The Shops and Restaurants at Hudson Yards: This mall is home to several luxury and fast fashion brands and international dining experiences at various price points. It’s also indoors, so visitors may enjoy no matter what type of weather NYC is experiencing.

In addition to all that Hudson Yards already has to offer, an observation deck with transparent floors on the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards is expected to open in 2020, and an ice rink will likely be opening by 2024!

Top Food Choices in Hudson Yards

Too many dining options to choose from? Read on for some of our agents’ favorite places to eat in Hudson Yards.

  • QueensyardThis British Restaurant allows you to enjoy panoramic views of Hudson Yards and beyond. At night, Queensyard transforms into a bar where Triplemint Real Estate Agent Konstantin Zaliznyak recommends sipping on creative drinks while enjoying the nightly view of the Vessel.
  • KāwiMomofuku has brought another hip restaurant to its fans. The food is innovative in terms of its presentation with an Americanized taste as opposed to authentic Korean cuisine. A highly-rated dish is the Wagyu Ragu—long, savory and hearty rice cakes that are very bouncy in texture served with umami-rich ragu sauce.
  • Mercado Little SpainSome call Mercado Little Spain the “Spanish Eataly.” Whether you have ten minutes or several hours to spare on a meal, this Spanish food hall will put your cravings to rest. “It is an all-day destination,” recommends Triplemint Agent Matthew Israel.

Top Three Things We Love About Hudson Yards

  1. A New Look for New York City: Hudson Yards’ unique architecture makes you feel like you’ve been transported to a utopia-like futuristic version of NYC.
  2. The New, Brightly-Lit Subway Station: The 34th Street–Hudson Yards Station, now the last stop on the 7 line, was NYC’s first subway stop added to the MTA since 1989. Unlike the typical NYC subway stop, Hudson Yards’ is brightly lit with a shell-shaped glass canopy built above the entrance.
  3. The Vessel: Seeing this structure for the first time is absolutely breathtaking. Some have even gone so far to call it “NYC’s Eiffel Tower.”

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