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In Times of Uncertainty, Look to Your SOI

by | Jun 29, 2022

It’s no secret that typical lead generation efforts are less likely to convert in a market where uncertainty abounds. If you want to maintain a healthy pipeline, now is the time to focus on engaging your personal sphere of influence—people who already know and trust you—and developing a stronger referral base, both of which will ultimately lead to new business.

Read on for key tips on leveraging your sphere from Licensed Real Estate Salesperson and VP of Sales for The Agency, Molly Townsend.

Be a Resource for Your Past Clients

In times of uncertainty, being a trusted advisor is more important than ever. Did a client recently close on the house of their dreams? As they embark on this new chapter in their lives, think about how you can add value in a meaningful way.

“Ask your client what you can do to help them in life, whether it’s recommending a physical therapist or showing them around a new neighborhood,” says Molly. “Most people naturally want to reciprocate when someone goes out of their way to help them. In other words, you have to give in order to get.”

Volunteer or Join a Social Club

One of the most effective—and authentic—ways to connect with people and set a foundation to work with them is to participate and “play” alongside them, whether it be volunteering for a cause you’re passionate about or showing up to events in your community.

“Whether it’s sports or church related, there are so many different groups that you can be a part of and contribute to,” says Molly. “It’s only a matter of time before you’re recognized as a real estate expert by those who could potentially become clients or provide a referral down the road.”

Connect with Professionals That Work With the Clientele You Want to Attract

Most successful agents—especially those in the luxury market—have a network of B2B contacts within their sphere that can be tapped when business is slow. Think interior designers, architects, electricians, high-end furniture retailers, appraisers, etc.,” says Molly. “People who are already working with the demographic of buyers that you might connect with and contribute to in a meaningful way.”

Call each of these contacts and say, “I am updating my database and would love to refer your business. Would you do the same for me?” When you invest in those business relationships, they will naturally refer you to their clients, allowing their database to blend with yours. And you never know who might be in their sphere!

Above All, Communication Is Key

Monthly communication is the absolute minimum if you want to stay top-of-mind, whether it be a phone call, drip campaign, handwritten note, etc. But don’t keep it strictly business—instead, look for opportunities to connect on an emotional level, which will ultimately open more conversations, build trust, and motivate them to help you succeed.

In Conclusion

Whether they be your friends, neighbors, past clients, or even your healthcare providers, the efforts you make today for the relationships in your sphere of influence make a world of difference for your business tomorrow. The best part is that you don’t have to win them over to get their business or receive a referral—all you have to do is be present at the right time.

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