Most people know Inwood NYC as the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan. What many don’t know is that it has a charming culture and one of the most storied histories in all of NYC. The neighborhood is bound by the Harlem River to the north and east, the Hudson River to the west, and Fort Tryon Park and Dyckman Street to the south.



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Inwood NYC has a fascinating history. In 1626, it’s believed the Dutch colony of New Netherland purchased Manhattan from the Lenape Native Americans. They would later establish the southern portion as New Amsterdam, which would become Manhattan. To this day, a plaque in Inwood Hill Park commemorates the rumored location where this deal took place.

The neighborhood was largely rural well into the early 20th century, until the development of the modern A and 1 train lines. At this point, opportunistic developers began constructing art deco apartment buildings on the east side of Broadway, in anticipation of an influx of new citizens. Many of these buildings still stand today and can be admired while taking a stroll along Broadway and the Hudson River.


207th Street


Being in the northernmost tip of Manhattan, Inwood NYC is going to have less accessibility than a midtown or downtown neighborhood. With that being said, the introduction of new rail lines was a main contributor to the population and development boom in the neighborhood nearly a century ago. The A train runs along Broadway and can be accessed at the 207th Street Station or the Dyckman Street Station. The 1 train also serves the neighborhood, running along 10th Avenue.


The lifestyle in Inwood varies, with different areas having their own distinct cultures. West of Broadway to the Hudson River is a beautiful part of the neighborhood, luxury condos and lush parkscapes line the clean streets.  

Along Dyckman Street, nightlife is more prominent, housing bars and clubs like Dyckman Bar, Tryon Public House, and Fat Pig. Naturally, the area has more professionals and students, so it can get a bit loud. 



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The cuisine in Inwood is diverse, offering an array of food options from different cultures and in various price ranges. Some of the neighborhood favorites are Beans and Vines, Indian Road Cafe, Raices, and Bocaditos Bistro.



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Apart from being the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan proper, Inwood is also one of our top picks for value for money. For its price, only East Harlem, Central Harlem, and Washington Heights can compare.  

Of these options, Inwood is definitely the often forgotten choice for those seeking a nice, spacious apartment on a budget. The median sales price for a 2-bedroom apartment is $539,000 and the median rent price for a 2-bedroom is $2,200.

Final Verdict


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Our final verdict on the often overlooked neighborhood is that it’s a great option for those commuting to work in midtown, or those looking for a quieter neighborhood away from the bustle.  

The neighborhood is a bit of a mixed bag, but some of the more sought after areas are just as nice as any neighborhood in Manhattan. Add Inwood’s affordability into the mix, and this may be one of the most underrated neighborhoods in NYC.