Actress Jessica Chastain has listed her village duplex for sale for an affordable, compared to New York standards, $1.8M. All of the furniture and décor is staying with headerthe apartment as well. This seems like an amazing added feature since Jessica is sure to own some high-end furniture.

However, it is always important to be safe when handling furnished furniture. Used furniture is still used furniture, even if it was owned by someone famous. At times, it may be more of a hassle than anything else.

In some cases, it may seem very convenient and thoughtful for the previous owner to leave an old appliance or furniture. However, in reality, the owner may be trying to leave you with a defective or unsafe item. There’s always pros and cons when dealing with furnished apartments, but the rule of thumb is to always err on the side of caution!

Rent or Sell

Jessica has had her apartment available for rent for quite some time now. First available for $11,500 per month, the apartment did not have any interested takers, so Jessica decided to drop the rate down to $7,995 furnished or $8,450 unfurnished.

Now she is looking to just sell her apartment. At this point, with a lack of interest, Jessica may be ready to just move on. If you are in the market, this is a good buying opportunity.

She has already purchased her new home (Leonard Bernstein’s old apartment), and there really isn’t a reason for her to hold onto her old place any longer.

However Jessica’s old apartment is very nice; there’s no reason that it hasn’t been rented yet. If you are looking to move into the village, this one looks like a good opportunity!