After calling One Fifth Avenue home for only two years, Keith Richards and wife Paheadertti Hensen recently listed their New York City penthouse for sale to the tune of 12.2 million. From the pictures of the listing available on, the penthouse is beautiful. The views of the NYC skyline are inspiring to put it mildly. The penthouse has every amenity imaginable from the outside looking in, with every aspect appearing to be perfect down to the smallest detail, which is what you would expect with an asking price over 12 million. So why are Keith and Patti selling? Sometimes the simplest answer is usually the correct answer, because they can. Life is short, so why not enjoy every moment to the fullest, and when you have the bankroll to live where you please, take advantage of it. For the chance to live and sleep where Keith Richards called home, I think a die-hard rolling stones fan would be willing to pay a premium for it. How much though is the question. The couple purchased the penthouse for 10.5 million in 2014, only to relist it two years later for 1.75 million more. However, the star power aspect of the penthouse could have raised the price a couple million dollars more. Well, maybe not, but when you’re Keith Richards what do you have to lose?

The Penthouse.

The penthouse was created in 2011 when three units were combined into one to create the penthouse at One Fifth Avenue. The property has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and three separate terraces. One Fifth Avenue was
built in 1927, and has an amazing two-story lobby that sets the tone as soon as you enter the building. The building has the standard amenities you would expect with a full time doormen and building staff along with a laundry list of other amenities.

What’s next for Keith and Patti?

Now that we know Keith and Patti are selling, the question now is what are they going to buy next? Will it be another penthouse with a grander view or was there a need for more square footage that the property at One Fifth Avenue didn’t have? It’s hard to say either way, but it would be nice to know.