New York City is a dream come true for many. After all, New York City is the greatest city in the world for many, with world-class restaurants at every corner, high-end shopping in abundance, and the occasional celebrity sighting at your local Starbucks. It seems New York has it all.

But let’s be real, New York City is also expensive, sometimes dangerous, and its size and constant crowds can be tedious. So what are some life hacks that will make your everyday life here easier and more enjoyable? We’ve gathered the best tips to make life in the Big Apple easy and enjoyable.

Enjoy Freebies to Save Money
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New York City isn’t the most affordable city in the world. However, there are freebies to enjoy everywhere. An range of museums offer free admission at least one day a week, or only ask for a suggested admission, like the Metropolitan Museum.

In terms of food, keep an eye out for promo codes. You can find coupons for free meals on Instagram, like the one 212 Steakhouse offers on a regular basis. Also, consider attending events to score a free drink and snacks.

Especially with spring just around the corner, free activities can be found all over the city. Go kayaking on Hudson River from May through October or join a yoga session in Bryant Park.

For more, check out Travel and Leisure’s list of 21 free things to do in New York City.

Getting Around Town


The MTA, friend and foe at the same time. While taking express trains instead of hailing a cab or Uber will probably get you to your destination quicker, you could also deal with delays, being stuck in a tunnel for 15 minutes straight, and cancelled trains. The key here is to be patient and plan for some extra time if you’re commuting somewhere.

Money-wise, be sure to calculate carefully what will get you the most rides for your buck. An unlimited MetroCard might seem expensive at first, but re-charging your card every few days adds up quickly as well.

If you’re in the mood for a relaxing cruise on the river, take the free Staten Island ferry. To get a cool view of Manhattan from above, swipe your MetroCard for the aerial tramway to Roosevelt Island.

 Live Your Best Office Life


Surviving the daily grind in New York City all comes down to making your office life as easy as possible. Mismatch your professional attire with your most comfortable pair of sneakers for the commute. Being squished between thousands of commuters in four-inch heels is not an enjoyable experience. Plus, when you decide you can’t take it anymore and walk the last 10 blocks to the office, you’ll be glad you’re wearing your favorite sneakers.

Another office hack is to keep a little drawer at work that has all your immediate necessities, like toiletries you can use to refresh yourself after a long day of work before meeting your friends at the local bar. Or a few snacks like protein bars and mini bags of chips, they’ll keep you alive when you have to skip lunch because a big project just came in.

Make Life Easier With Apps

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Honestly, who wants to give their entire apartment a deep clean on the weekend, instead of enjoying a relaxing brunch with friends? Or assemble a closet, instead of having a movie night?

Spare yourself the hassle and added stress, hire somebody to help you instead. Try TaskRabbit for anything that needs to be assembled or Handy for plumbing and electrical. For your budgeting needs and keeping your spending under control, use MoneyLion.

Find Your Inner Zen

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New York City, the city that never sleeps, is definitely exhilarating. All your non-New Yorker friends probably imagine you’re going to a different party every single night or checking out the coolest restaurants. While that might be true some of the time, all of us need some quiet time here and there.

Make sure you take a 15-minute walk during your lunch break, preferably in a green spot like a park, to recharge your batteries and avoid getting overwhelmed. Again, sneakers may come in handy here!

Plus, plan at least a few nights at home every week for the same effect. To block out noise, invest in a pair of good noise-canceling headphones and consider wearing earplugs at night to get your eight hours of snooze.

Enjoy Our Incredible City

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All that’s left to say is to keep calm and enjoy New York. Find the perfect balance between exciting activities and relaxation. Make strategic plans to save money and don’t be embarrassed to take advantage of free perks.