Long Island City is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Queens, providing rapid residential growth and a backdrop for one of the most artistic and creative communities in New York City. The neighborhood is bound by Astoria to the north, the East River to the west, Sunnyside to the east, and Greenpoint to the south.



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Long Island City incorporated in 1870 with a population of between 12,000 and 15,000 residents. After some turmoil in the late 1880s, following an embezzlement scandal involving then Mayor De Bevoise, the city continued to exist as it’s own municipality until it surrendered its independence in 1898, joining all of Queens in annexation into the City of Greater New York.  

In the 1930s, various infrastructure projects made the neighborhood more accessible to Manhattan and other areas of Queens, including the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, the Queensboro Bridge, and several subway tunnels.

In the early 2000s, the area transitioned from an industrial area to a primarily residential one, and the Long Island City we know today began to take form. The area is now a thriving location for the arts, creatives, and leisure and entertainment, while also providing a comfortable, quaint residential haven for its over 60,000 residents.



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Long Island City is relatively accessible, providing trains through the Long Island Rail Road system and the MTA. You can access the 7, N, W, F, E, M, and R trains from Long Island City.


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Long Island City is considered by many to be the primary hub for the arts and other creative endeavors within Queens. The area is saturated with museums, studios, exhibits, and other avenues for its residents to express their creative sides. Visit the SculptureCenter or MOMA PS1 to see some of the one-of-a-kind works exhibited in this neighborhood.



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There are many different types of cuisine to enjoy in Long Island City, across every price range. Whether you’re looking for an upscale Brazilian restaurant to take a date, or a cheap sandwich stop to grab lunch at, you can probably find it in Long Island City. Some of our favorites are LIC Market, Maiella, Crescent Grill, and Il Falco Restaurant.



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Queens is generally more affordable than some of the eastern areas of Brooklyn and many locations in Manhattan. It’s a wonderful place to call home if you’re looking for something affordable that still provides comparable amenities to some of its counterparts. The median asking rent for all units is $2,450 per month, and the median sales price is $769,000.

Final Verdict


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Long Island City has been becoming more and more residential over the last couple of decades, but the area still provides a thriving, creative culture. If you’re looking for a quieter area with a quick commute to Manhattan, look no further than Long Island City.